Any Eluxury discount codes?

  1. I'm thinking of ordering a Batignolles Horizontal after reading all the great reviews of it here, and I'm wondering if there's any discount or free shipping codes for Eluxury right now.

    Also, dumb question, but how do you pronounce Batignolles?:shame:
  2. Sorry, don't know of any codes. I'm wishing for at least another free shipping code.

    Do you know about ******? You can get 3% back.

    Your pug is adorable!!!!
  3. the only one I know of is actually posted on the site. It is LEAP for free shipping. Don't know if that expired yet?
  4. I think that code expired 3/27.
  5. :sad:
  6. PBI - WLCC - your avatar is so cute! I live Chilly Willy!! :P
  7. bat - in - yolls, hope that makes sense :smile:
  8. Thanks Jasanna. Your Beaker avatar inspired me to find a cute pic for my avatar. I've always liked Chilly Willy.
  9. It does, thanks! That's kind of how I figured it was pronounced.
  10. Thanks!