Any eBay sellers you'd recommend?

  1. I'm slowly (thought not as slowly as I'd like :upsidedown:) falling in love with Hermes. I KNOW I probably can't afford retail - so can you guys recommend a good eBay reseller?

    Also, how do I become a member of the "sales" section on this board? I've sold a few bags on eBay I'm in the "restock" mode! LOL

    Yes, I'm fairly new to these boards - but OMG, I'm having a ball! I've spent so much "mental money" it isn't even funny. hehe
  2. Welcome to Hermes Enablers, Inc.!!!
  3. Welcome!!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! I never thought I'd be wanting one of these, that's for sure. Anyway, more and more lately I've been reading this board and OMG, they are gorgeous. This is something I could love for a lifetime. So far I've been a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of girl! I love them, use them, then resell them. Now convincing dh that I NEED one of these.........or buying it and sneaking it in the back door! Luckily he hasn't a clue on this brand. He knows LV. And he also knows I don't really like the logo of that bag. I think he thinks he's "lucky".......he just doesn't realize my LV Epi is a LV. hehe Anyway - all my friends have been telling me you'll KNOW the bag you want to spend the rest of your life with when you see/feel it. WOW, could this really be it?

    And tell Star to open the box already! LOL
  5. Welcome Fendi!! The sad truth is, many of us can't stop at one...and will sell anything not nailed down to acquire other Hermes items lol!! What style and color do you think you want?? We are VERY good at helping lol!
  6. He,he, I have :nuts: and it opened the door to a whole new world:lol:

    I thought it was more expensive on E-bay?