any ebay sellers here?

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  1. if so, what do you use to list items? what do you sell? is ebay your main source of income?
    I am trying to find a faster way to list my items, I am trying to average 50 items a week but it takes FOREVER using the ebay site! any suggestions?
    thank you!
  2. Have u tried to use
    I use that. It's very easy to use to list items faster. Just a litle confusing to learn in the begining.

    My tip is to work off 1 template/listing and re-using it. Saves time.
  3. Ebay is my only job...I use auctiva and then turbo lister to re-list my items.

    I sell mens designer clothing, on auctiva you can make templates. I have a template for shirts, suits, pants etc. Basically when I have an item now I just fill in the template for each item and has saved me a lot of time.
  4. Louislady....we must have been typing at the same time.:P
  5. lol yes indeed! :biggrin:
  6. get a template, load it in to turbolister and go. i can do listings super fast because of those (and i take my pics in batches, edit them in batches, upload them, etc). so when i'm ready to list i just go into tl and list away!
  7. I sell on ebay, but only part-time. There's no way I could support myself on that alone! I think it's fun to sell, so it's a good "second" job. I've tried both Turbo Lister and I like Auctiva because you can post as many pictures as you want for free. As said above, it's a little difficult to get the hang of... I'm still figuring some stuff out, but I like the way the auctions look!
  8. I sell items as I do closet cleaning so some large and small dollar items selling part time..I just use the ebay site. Wow you girls here have some great tips:tup:
  9. all i do is list on ebay. its been pretty hard lately actually. i sell everything. a lot of abercrombie stuff.

    i list every one of my my auctions personally. i think it helps them sell better. its a sale, you have to sell your product....sometimes the listings gives it that extra push.
  10. Auctiva is the best, so much faster! I only do eBay here and there, but its fun! I agree, its easier to take the pics in bulk, etc...that way you are ready to do when you do the listings.
  11. Monica, definitely stop using the eBay site to do listings!!! It's a huge waste of time in my opinion, and it costs more because you're paying for lots of photos. I recommend using a photo host and/or having a template made for you (there are template sellers on eBay actually and they're really reasonble). You'll be amazed how much faster it will go when you don't have to copy and paste or retype all the terms & conditions, etc., plus you can add a ton of photos at no charge since you're not using eBay's photo hosting.

    I personally use Inkfrog, which is a photo host which has a very basic set of templates built in. I'm not in love with it, though, actually, and am considering switching to Auctiva or something else. I used to use TurboLister but I found it to be really buggy (a couple of years ago) and it crashed my laptop a lot. Since I now have a Mac I don't even think it's an option for me.

    I also take photos in batches, edit them in batches, and upload them in batches, as Hlfinn mentioned. My goal is to only handle each item one time--and that includes measurements, photos, and everything. Once I've done what I need to do with the item, it gets packed back in its packaging (if it has any) and stored on a big wire rack in my office where it stays until it's sold.
  12. good tips! I just started using turbolister for the first time and it is alot faster than the regular ebay site. And all my auctions are ending at the same time!!! excited about that! The thing that takes the longest is taking the pix, cropping them, loading them on photbucket (so slooow) and taking measurements- I just wish there was a faster way!!! thank you all for thr tips!!
  13. I don't know how you take pictures, but I use a white background and take the pics really close. In doing that I don't have to crop any, and I just put them on my jump drive. Then I go to auctiva and I can upload them all at once.
  14. I use sooo much better than using Ebay and all there stuff helps so much
  15., is this another selling site or a kind of template to use for listing on ebay? I use to sell alot but sometimes, it takes alot of time to list a few items. What is turbolister as well.