Any eBay jean experts?

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  1. Hello all :yes: I've got the bug to spend some money but unfortunatly I don't have a lot to spare at the moment. I was wondering if any of you are good with designer jeans on eBay and telling the difference between real and fakes (citizens, seven for all mankind, joes, etc). Thanks all!
  2. Here's a guide on authenticating True Religions:
    eBay Canada Guides - Authenticating TRUE RELIGION - A pictorial guide

    A guide for authenticating Seven for all Mankinds:
    eBay Canada Guides - Authenticating Seven For All Mankind -a pictorial guide

    A guide on authenticating R & R jeans:
    eBay Canada Guides - Real vs. Fake Authenticating Rock Republic Jeans

    A guide for purchasing designer jeans in general on ebay:
    eBay Canada Guides - Fake or Authentic jeans...who can tell

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. Don't buy from eBay.

    If you buy from eBay you will never be sure...

    The jeans are cheaper than retail, authentic and they don't charge for shipping!
  5. I actually purchased some jeans from ebay and I think they were fake. You should read their feedback and if someone suspects that the jeans are fake, they probably are.

    However, I found a eBay seller who sells designer jeans dailydenim.
  6. I buy from daily demin too, they are excellent. I buy from Adasa during their sale and these are authentics.
  7. i learned a lot about fake and authentic denim on honestforum, which i've ben a member of a little over 2 years... brands like rock & republic, true religion, citizens, sfam are popular there

    it's kinda like PF, but for denim... ever since i've been on pf, though, i don't visit HF as much. i don't buy denim off ebay anymore, although, you can find great deals on authentic jeans.
  8. ^ Yep me too! I loveee honestforum. Its the best! I bought many pairs of authentic denim on ebay because of that forum. Very helpful.
  9. Check with
  10. true religion is the only one I can spot and I don't even wear them. I sell them so I have to pay attention to details. I could probably spot Joes Jeans since those are the only jeans I own, but I don't know if they honestly fake them.
  11. i didn't konw that there weer that many fake denim on ebay!