Any East Coast tPfers!!

  1. Hey - I'm just curious how many tPfers there are on the east coast (since a few CA tPfers just met up)... any from NC?
  2. D.C. in the house!! I'd love to meet other Balenciaga addicts, um I mean fans.
  3. NY here
  4. NJ (aka Joisey)
  5. NYC & Boston, although I do spend quite a bit of time at Garden State Plaza in NJ.
  6. MA here - though I was recently in SC...
  7. Hi all you east coasters! I'm from NJ (whoohoo jersey!) but I go to school in NC!
  8. I'm in NC, but I know I don't count:roflmfao:

  9. I'm in Maryland! (close to DC & Baltimore)
  10. another new yorker here!
  11. Bahstun represent! =)
  12. I'm in NYC
  13. DC/No.VA in da hizz-ousss (that's how we speak
  14. NYC here.
  15. New Yorker here!