Any Dr. Who fans?

  1. Does anyone else on tPF watch the new Dr. Who series on SciFi? I know it's huge in the UK right now, but not as widely watched in the U.S. (we just started Season 3 two weeks ago).

    I love it! I have a huge crush on David Tennant, and I hope he stays on for another season or two.

    I was sad when they wrote off Rose, but I really like Martha too.

    Anyone else like the Doctor??
  2. Yes, I watch it. Well, I netflix it.
  3. Yes, i watch Dr. Who. Here in Canada they just started showing season 3 a few weeks back, but I've downloaded and already finished watching the complete season as it aired in the UK.

    Love David Tennant! He's so adorable and quirky and makes the Doctor such a cool character.

  4. I agree! I love how quirky his doctor is! He definitely seems like he's been traveling in the Tardis for far too long by himself!

    Have you seen the clip for Comic Relief with him and Catherine Tate? Cracks me up.

    I hear she may be the next assistant!