Any downside to ebay bucks?

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  1. Thinking about taking advantage of this. is there any downside? What personal info do they ask? Do the bucks have an expiration date and if so, how long do you have to use them? Thanks!
  2. eBay bucks payouts are paid every 3 months, so you have to wait that long before you can use it. And some purchases are disqualified, I am not sure why sometimes the auction style listings aren't qualified. Additionally, they have to be used within 30 days of the issue date.

    Here's more info:
  3. There is no down side really. When they pay out the ebay bucks you will get an email with the amount, expiration date and coupon code to use when you pay. Sometimes the bucks are automatically applied and sometimes you need the code. It sounds more complicated than it is. I don't believe the bucks pay out for another couple months, but check the ebay help page that ibezj gave you. You can also click on the dollar amount of bucks you have earned thus far at the top of your summary page. It will give you info too.
  4. the only downside I see is if you need something now and have earned a lot of bucks you can not use them. the next ones sent out are in April for Jan-march purchases. I sell more than buy but buy supplies through ebay and need ink before April so I guess I will earn some more bucks and hopefully be in need of something in April.
  5. ^^ ITA - I want to use mine NOW!!! I understand they don't want faux-pas of people using their bucks, then returning the item, but IMO they should vest them after eBay/Paypal claim is impossible to file, like after 45 days. Oh well, 1 more reason to exercise patience!
  6. Love my bucks! Love them!
  7. No down just have to wait..
    I got mine not too long ago. Its nice to have if you remember to use it..kind of like bing..I forgot a couple of times..ugh.