Any Dooney & Bourke Lovers/Collectors Out there?

  1. Any Dooney & Bourke Lovers/Collectors Out there?

    What is your favorite style? How many do you have? My personal favorite is the drawstring anniversary in light brown and the coffee in the Crossword Large bucket. I have 15! (but my fiance thinks they were ALL "good" buys!!):heart::heart:
  2. Hi, Aunt Sissy! There are a few of us Dooney lovers tucked in the Purse Forum. There used to be Dooney forum but there wasn't much activity for it.

    I *love* the anniversary drawstring bag. Just waiting for it to come out in a nice spring color.

    I have 7 Dooneys including 2 vintage all-weather leather drawstring buckets I got on eBay, a letter-carrier which I love, and a pale green large-quilt drawstring. I tend to be hard on purses and the Dooneys can take a beating.

    Are there any other brands of bags you especially like?

    I love the French leather bags this season but I'm waiting for them to go on sale.

  3. I had my eye on this one Dooney in an outlet in Florida. Too bad the quality was so awful I had to put it down.
  4. I love the classic All Weather Leather satchels. Some are more than 20 years old and have held up beautifully! I have one from the mid 90-s, the leather is great.
  5. Hi I have an it bucket purse in white with matching wristlet and coin purse and a black it wristlet and a brown it satchel with wristlet, id holder, and sunglass case.

    I love their it line
  6. I LOVE the Crossword line, i'm hoping to snag the black Seckio bag! Maybe a wallet to match, if i'm really lucky :smile:
  7. Check out the picture in my signature......I have a *few* Dooneys! LOL!! I think I am around 19-20 bags now, with various accessories. My favorite is my Madras plaid duffle. I have about 5 that aren't included in my "family" picture--time to take a new pic!
  8. I'm not really a Dooney "collector" but I used to have a few and now only have a couple left. I have a Giraffe letter carrier and a black bumble bee mini east west bag. It's really too small, but holds a lot of sentimental value. I'd love to get the large crossword duffle bag though...I tried it in the store and it's really cute. I like their wristlets too.
  9. I didn't own a Dooney until last summer and I am now waiting for my third to be delivered, a giraffe! I bought the bright green suede twisted handle just before Christmas. The color combos of the new zebra bags are also very eye-catching -- saw the silver and white at Nordstrom yesterday.

    I liked the crossword print when I saw it on line but not so much in person. My personal issue with Dooney bags is that 95 percent of them are too small for me.
  10. I used to have some when I was younger...
    now my younger sister is the one who collects them.
  11. I have a bunch...can't show pics bc main computer crashed - i'm on laptop. I have a white pebbled tassle bag, a small anniversary tassle bag, a small black leather tassle bag, a Nile moon bag in black (think motorcycle!), a couple of IT bags, an anniversary small zip shoulder bag (not sure the real name), a blue signature East/West something tote, a huge ivory Nile satchel (which I will be selling to pay for other recent purchases), and a cute pink signature satchel with a cute pocket with a gold clasp in front. I will post pics when my other computer gets up and running again.
  12. :tup: I'm a fan! I have several. Like most, I like the AWL or Alto. My favorite in my collection is my Grape Alto Tassle Tote in my Avatar. I will admit, after joining tpf, I started trying other brands, but I still and always will love my Dooney's.
  13. Dooney & Bourke: Annalisa Leather Large Lock Sac
    ^^^ is the bag i'm looking at now...i've seen it irl and love it...i've heard comments that people think that d & b was kind of their first "designer" bag and that it's kind of passe now...i bought my first dooney about 20ish years ago and haven't bought any since, but think this one looks great, especially in this color..and with a scarf or something....what do you guys think?
  14. im a fan! I have a grape "it" barrel bag, an awl carpet shoulder bag, and a anniversary double pocket tote(pink). Im really wanting a giraffe! I like the crossword as well, and the croc ones in pink or green :smile:
  15. i had an it bag, but the coating of the vinyl wore of. v poor quality in my opinion