Any Dooney&Bourke fans here?

I like them. Not some of the more colorful younger styles though. I have several signature and one all weather leather, and I find them unobtrusive and good enough to take to work.
I don't like the styles that are marketed to teens, but I like several of the other styles. Counting small accessories, I have several Dooney & Bourke pieces in signature fabric, all-weather leather, and nubuck. :smile:
I like the Nile line myself. I know it's older but I always thought they were darling. And AWL in anything is nice. I can see them lacking in quality these last couple years though. Seems like they don't hold up as well as they used to.
Go to the main page of the Handbag & Purses and on the top before the messages start there is a purple strip that has a button "Search this forum". That will give you Old Dooney threads. There have been quite a few.
I don't really count them in real "designer" type bags, but for a good quality bag at a decent price they seem like a fair bet. My friend almost bought one the other day, but Coach's lifetime guarantee (compared with D&B'S one year) won her over to a more expensive bag. But some of their bags (the non-signature and non-rainbow color) are quite nice.
I hated the ones with the duck on them from the 90s and before, end of story.
But I have a couple of those ones with the multicolored logos (It bags) and I'll always cherish them because my dad got them for me. And he NEVER bought me any was so cute how excited he was when he surprised me with them so I'll always keep and love them for that reason. I don't use them like I used to but I will NEVER get rid of them.
^^ I don't really know. I think the company made very nice looking bags a while ago. They weren't awfully stylish but rather middle-of-the-road. Sometimes these older bags sell on ebay for upwards of a hundred dollars if they are in good condition.

I think the company later tried to be more appealing to teens and lost some of it's older fans. It also outsourced to china, made some changes in it's warrantees and repair policies and lost another bunch of customers.

Among middle-class moms of the Connecticut area I live in, the D&B is a staple. The college students carry signature coach, the highschool students carry the 'teenagerish' D&B designs, but a majority of the older women carry leather Dooneys. Unobtrusive and serviceable. Maybe because the Dooney factory is in Norwich, which is quite close by.