Any domestic abuse shelters for homosexuals?

  1. I was concerned when I realized that women's shelters do not take lesbian women or gay men..and I've been trying to find out if there are any shelters for people in same sex relationships if they ever need to go. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure if this is suposed to be in the relationship section? I also did want to make other members aware of this..:sad:
  2. Ugh! I mean the womens shelters should accept lesbians right? Why not? It doesn't mean they're going to have sex with all the women there..I mean every heterosexual doesn't have sex with every straight person they seem. Ok we all know this, but what do we do? What is the solution?
  3. I don't see why a woman's shelter wouldn't take a lesbian woman. Regardless of sexual orientation, she's still a woman being battered who needs help. The problem would be them having enough space. I hear that those shelters tend to fill up quickly.

    Are you okay? If there's anything you want to talk about, feel free to PM me.
  4. there are specific gay and lesbian centers for things like this.. they're usually spelled "womyn" or something like that.. and though i dont think it's actually for domestic abuse, they're more like.. ymca types.. but nevertheless they exist and can still help in any situation..
  5. Oh no I'm fine! I know it was a random babbling post, it was just on my mind because one of my professors in women's studies told us about it. I was shocked and after that tried finding out if it was true or had things changed but couldn't find anything. Thank you though for the concern:flowers:

    Thanks for the info! Maybe its new..but strange that my teacher didn't know. Its in textbooks too. Sometimes I wonder what kind of education I'm getting. Another possibility might be that they're allowed but maybe some of the people who run it try not to take them? Whatever it is or was, its horrible. Hope you're right!
  6. No problem. Just wanted to be sure. I'm currently studying Asian American Women studies and issues within the GLBT community so this is a subject that really touches my heart. Really relieved to hear that you're okay though. It's good to know I'm not the only one concerned with this issue. :smile:
  7. ^^ Oh thats wonderful! I don't know anyone else with the same interests as me! Is that your major or masters? Wait let me PM you..
  8. lol you guys are funny.

    i used to be highly involved in an asian american gay 'aids intervention' orgainzation (APAIT) (and i did it mainly cuz i was bored.. so might as well do something worthwhile with my time instead of playing video games or whatever right?) and we went to a couple of those types of centers for gay guys so i know they exist. i suppose it depends on the area though?.. i'm out here in southern california and the centers here are pretty sparse.. like one in every county or major city. i know theres a few in LA and SD, but i dont think there are any in theOC.

    i do know that the help for lesbians are far less than for gay men.. for instance, a youth shelter for gay & lesbian teens that have been kicked out for coming out to their parents / friends will have more gay teens than lesbian teens. and there are specific youth shelters for the LGBT crowd than the regular youth shelters too.
  9. ^^ See this is still an issue..we need more of these shelters, and the kinks in the system need to be worked out. If there aren't many where you are there definitely aren't much elsewhere. That's scary for someone who needs help!
  10. just wanted to say... i really feel the love here. my mother is a lesbian and my cousin is gay. and this just really touches my heart. :] Thanks OP to making me realize there are people here who have interest in matters close to my heart. :heart:3
  11. Aww ((hugs)), I love threads like that too..I didn't think this thread would turn out like that but I guess it did:heart: I care about all living things, except maybe cockroaches.
  12. This is why the Salvation Army does not get a dime from me and never will. It's an openly anti-homosexual institution. I think it's terrible that Salvation Army and homeless shelters aren't really there to help people... just SOME people.
  13. We have womens' shelters here in San Francisco who take in all women in danger regardless of their sexual orientation. I know this because I volunteer for the Junior League and one of the shelters we support accepts women of any orientation.
  14. I think that is ludicrous that shelters wont take in lesbian women!!

    however, I can see how that could be a problem, the victim's abuser could pose as a person in need of help and enter the premises. Because you know at Women's shelters they wont let men in.

    but that is still discriminate. There should however, be a sepeate shelter for not only gay men, but men who are abused by their wives (trust me, it happens)
  15. Abuse is abuse no matter what your sexual orientation is. This makes me so sad that there are conditions placed on fleeing to a place where you are supposed to feel safe.