Any Dolces Left? :[

  1. I'm new here! (Ahem, someone kinda got me addicted to the inferno print. Dana. >.>; ) I :heart: dolces. They're a good size for me since I don't carry much. Do you girls know any stores that still carry dolces? Perferably not in the solid prints or the camo playground black/olive.

    Or do you think I should buy an inferno zucca (i :heart: inferno too!) thats like 230 bucks instead? XD
  2. LOL Dont blame me!! I would've gotten you into the toki-darkside sooner if you weren't so busy! :p

    My opinion? GET THEM ALLLL~ Hahaha I believe there are a few that would back me up on this (where are you enablers?) :biggrin:
  3. hihi happy toki :biggrin: ...the inferno zucca on eBay is BIN 269 :push: ...yup as MissDana put it buy buy buy!! ;) Did you check the 3 outlets??
  4. vmasterz - haha I knew you would back me up! :p SH doesnt have any at the moment.. just sold their last paradiso one.. didnt check Seattle. Which other outlet are you referring to?
  5. dana; LOL well I was there before you bought your first toki bag.. and you were showing it to me in lesportsac.. XD i'm sad now that i wasn't interested.

    Yes I know your opinion. :[ but you know i'm poor and jobless. LOL.

    vmasterz; LOL. hihi. :biggrin: 3 outlets?? XD which three? haha. I'm taking dana to waikele tomorrow to return a bebe bag. but i think those people at lesportsac are sick of seeing us. :yes:
  6. don't post again until you are comfortable w/ our rules.
    NO ONE is permitted to reference their own eBay auctions or IDs.
  7. MissDana: theres seattle, SH and woodbury :biggrin:

    happy toki: see above ;) i know what you mean, we only have 3 lesportsac stores here and uh..well i usually go to two sure the SAs are fed up with seeing me especially when i walk out with nothing cuz the prices are above mainland retail prices...ive only bought from them on three different occassions..:biggrin: Pirata, Adios star should be out in the outlets soon so you might just want to buy some now so you dont miss them again :graucho:

    I crack up when I see the word "bebe" lol ...cuz in the local language it means something else ..the female part of the anatomy :lol:
  8. dancing; thanks. i'll check it out. :biggrin:

    vmasterz; i've only been to two here. lol. and they're so expensive. i don't think i want to even TRY the one in waikiki.. :push: my first reaction to dana wanting her FIRST toki last year was "WTF 160 bucks for THAT?!" >>;;
  9. Shellie - I'm sure they recognize us already!! Haha 3rd time in less than 2 weeks! Wooo~ I might buy a regular LeSportsac pouch.. *might*

    Vmasterz - I forgot about Woodbury! I havent ever got in contact with them but.. I remember that outlet from previous threads. I have their number somewhere..

    LOL I think the other LeSportsac is sick of seeing me too. I've only bought from them 3 times over the span of.. oh idk.. ever since tokis came out? Haha I feel bad but I'm not buying them for HI retail price!! I go there to see if I wanna get a new bag style :lol:

    Dancing Nancies - haha sounds tempting but I'm already ordered a bambinone in pirata.. Shellie on the other hand.. :graucho:

    1) It was NOT 160.. it was less than 100 and it was my playground cangurino :love:

    2) Waikiki is the same price.. but they might actually carry dolces!! but still.. HI retail is :yucky:
  10. happy toki:The prices over there is a close as here..except the tax part..we dont pay taxes when we purchase things..I think the taxes are already included..though only store here still tack on the tax and thats Macy's :sad: ... so go check out the outlets for the cheaper prices lol ...but I heard that from Crystal that Seattle doesnt ship to Hawaii :shrugs: not sure why??? But SH you might want to check out Lindsey for your pirata and adios star dolces :graucho: why dont you call wakiki first before heading down???

    MissDana: hahaha! I bet everyone forgot about Woodbury lol I havent heard anyone mention it as much as SH or even Seattle :lol: I wonder if they are getting the OPs those who missed out on Seattle or SH can probably get it from Woodbury should they carry OPs ..;) our retail is :yucky: too :lol:
  11. LOL Lindsey already put me on the waiting list (for Shellie) for any dolces that come in in the future!

    IDK why Seattle doesnt ship here.. I wonder if they ship to Alaska.. haha HI and AK are always left out :sad:
  12. oh wow thats sweet of her!! :biggrin:

    yeah come SH ships there but seattle doesnt:confused1:
  13. dana; i don't think i want to go in there tomorrow LOL. we can go to the waikiki one? I got free waikiki parking. Haha. I can try to find out from a friend how we can get into DFS. that is.. if the prices there are any different.

    vmasters; eep. i think i checked with SH for the pirata but they didn't have it. dana tried to hold the LAST paradiso for me but i think the SA got to the email too late and it was sold! :sad:!! I was so sad. ;__;

  14. oh? pirata isnt out in the outlet yet, thats why SH doesnt have it lol... yeah youre sorta late in picking up the paradiso, i believe there was a person who was trying to sell their paradiso dolce on lj and finally sold you missed that one too :sad: dont worry im sure you will find your dolces somehow :biggrin:
  15. Shellie - No LeSportsac tmrw?! But what if I wanted to buy a pouch thing? :sad: Can you wait outside? :biggrin: haha just for like, 10 minutes. DFS!! Lets gooo!! How much are the things there? o__o Like Waikele? We dont have to go to LeSportsac in Waikele if there's sales in Waikiki.. heh :p

    vmasterz - Theres a pirata bambinone on hold for me at SH already.. so I think she checked for dolces already.. I *think*.. maybe I should ask Lindsey again. I feel bad though.. I think they're busy and I've been emailing her a lot lately :sweatdrop: