Any Dolce And Gabbana Fans Here?

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  1. I've been carrying this bag for nearly two weeks now. It's black pebbled leather with push-lock closure. I'd never considered D&G before. I bought the bag kind of on impulse, to cheer me up after I learned that my birthday gift Balenciaga City was a fake. I'm loving this bag. It holds everything I need, and when I open it I there's a flash of D&G leopard-print lining. What do you think?

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  2. I love the styling. I've always wanted one of their bags, but I haven't taken the plune yet, although I do own a D&G watch and necklace that I love. Enjoy!
  3. Nice bag.:smile: Enjoy!!

    I like some of their less embellished bags (like yours), and there was one last spring I fell in love with and had to have. It's a gorgeous periwinkle medium bucket sort of style. I don't have any pics already, or I'd post one.
  4. Its a nice bag! I don't own any of their bags but have some of their other accessories.
  5. I like you bag as well. The lining sounds neat.
  6. nice bag! i also would like to own one, one day.
  7. Thanks ladies :smile: As you say, D&G can be a bit bling and over-embellished sometimes. This is more restrained without being too boring. My son has a small D&G messenger and D&G jeans I bought him after he passed his exams. But this is MY first foray into D&G. Also this bag is very, very far from that fake City I mentioned!