any doing/done Dukan Diet? or heard of it?

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  1. hi guys.. ive just recently bought the book the Dukan diet after hearing great reviews about it, and wanted to know if anyone on here has done it or is thinking of doing it?
  2. Is that the one "developed" by the French doctor? I put the word "developed" in quotes because the diet seems strangely familiar to many other diets that have been out there. It's not all that different from other high-protein/low-carb diets. I don't have a problem with low-carb because I know that they truly can provide results, but it's not a long-term solution unless you're okay with giving up certain foods on a regular basis. I haven't read the book, so I don't know what foods are "allowed" and I can't comment on how healthy it may or may not be. The concept of not eating any vegetables until stage 2 or any fruit until stage 3 seems a bit unhealthy, but temporary I guess.
    Anyway, best of luck if you decide to give it a try. Keep us posted:smile:
  3. I have seen the website but it seemed to complicated to investigate, and I'm not very fond of the low carb diets. I thought the doctor who developed it was Canadian? Am I wrong?
  4. ^I'm pretty sure he was a french doctor (Pierre Dukan)
  5. TY ! I had to no idea.
  6. hi guys..

    *waves at vhdos*

    yup french guy developed it.. pierre dukan its VERY similar to other low carb diets etc HOWEVER according to the book its been around for 30yrs blah blah

    in any case its 4 phases... the first one is just to jump start your metobalism so its roughly 5days of PURE protein only... after you complete the 5days its one day on of full protien and one day of protein and veggies... and you continue this one day on one day off until you reach your goal weight then theres a stablization phase were you reintroduce food and then your fine apparently but for life you should have one full protein day forever..

    this is just a brief.. i have the book and have just started it... it seems that there are options... your allowed fat free yogurt and red vinegar and mustard etc for dressing and you have to have pure oat bran to help your digestive system and he says its mandatory that you walk 20mins a day..

    in any case i just started day 1 lets see how i get on
  7. Hey, I know someone who's on it. She's had a lot of success with it - she's lost 16 pounds already, and I don't think she's been on it that long. She told me she hasn't been following it religiously either. This lady was unhealthily overweight though, it seems like quite a commitment if you don't need to lose a serious amount of weight.
  8. oooo is she happy on it?^ does she think its relativley easy? im STARVING at the moment have got some grilled chicken in the oven and am ready to attack!! hehehe
  9. Best of luck to you Baby Boo! I'll be cheering you on:smile:
  10. Baby Boo she seems overall quite pleased. She's in the second phase still, and says the protein-only days can be a bit sad but that it's made her really appreciate vegetables like never before! I think she's quite buoyed up from her success with it. I was quite surprised, because I read a bit about it and thought you'd have to be very strict with it to get results, but she says she goes out a couple of nights a week with her family and eats things like fish and chips!

    How are you going with it, and how long have you been on it?
  11. This diet is similar to something I'm doing right now, but I'm under the care of a family friend who's a dr and I think he developed it himself? Idk, but it's working haha.
  12. Oooo what's urs '
    I'm only on day 2 - jusr had eggs for bffast and now about to have a yogurt with oat bran eww hahah but let's see what I can do
  13. I hope it goes well for you. Keep motivated and the first phase should pass quickly. The oat bran thing is actually a great idea regardless of the diet, I'm going to try it! So much goodness in it.
  14. I have just recd an email on this to sign up- no idea how they got my details! I tried atkins years ago but couldnt sustain it was grumpy with bad breath etc- life is too short for all this - just eat a bit less and exercise more
  15. well im on day 2.. and its ok.. i had eggs for bfast and a yogurt for mid snack and chicken breast for lunch.. but i have to admit i am hungry now and i didnt bring in any snacks so have got to suckit up for a couple more hours..

    it seems to be ok.. lets see if i do lose weight.. im persevering because its only 5days and then i will b able to eat veg again so its not soo bad