Any doctors or those with medical knowledge....

  1. I would really very much apprecitate any advice from any doctors or those who have experienced anything like this.
    Sorry if this is a bit long or too much information for some :smile:
    Okay here's the start from the beginning.
    About a month ago(yes I know, it was stupid to wait a month), I started to have symptoms of a UTI, the burning, urinary frequency, etc. I, stupidly, ignored it and thought nothing of it really. Then about a week ago, I noticed these awful pains coming from my back, under my ribs by my kidneys. They were sharp and felt awful. A few days later, the pain seemed to move downwards. This time, and since then, the pain has been in my abdominal area and lower back. It's been a sharp, aching, pain, not sure how to describe it. It feels like menstrual cramps, but I am not even near that time of the month, so that is out of the question. I have been feeling nauseous and had mild diarehha the other day. I also had lack of appetite for about three days(I ate nothing, but I was not hungry at all, which is odd.) So I finally went to my family doctor about four days ago. The urinalysis first showed up with everything great. But then I was told to pee in a cup right after I wake up in the morning then drop it off at her office. I was also given a blood test, turned out perfect. The results from the second urinalysis came back with white blood cells, nitrate positive, and something about gluclose. She sent it off for a culture, and it returned with nothing showing up(which myself and her thought was odd.) So in the meantime, I got a CT scan, and everything is normal except for I have thickening of the bladder wall(what the doctor told me, and the receptionist(not medically trained), mentioned cystitis. So I have an appt. Wednesday morning with my urologist(had problems about five years ago) to finally figure out what is going on. Does this sound like cystitis? What other reasons why my bladder wall is thickening? What am in for wednesday? Would I might have to get an MRI or cystoscopy? I just would like an idea of what to expect and just some stuff to mention to my urologist.
    Also, has anyone ever had a cystoscopy, and what is it like? That thought of getting that scares the heck of out me, I cried and got upset when I had to get a blood test(I have a phobia of needles), so getting that would be rough.
    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Kidney stones and a kidney infection have been considered, but my doctor told me no kidney stones showed up and that I don't have a kidney infection. I am also in the meantime on an antibiotic, I think Nitrofurantoin.
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  3. i hope everythkg turns out ok. if it is urinary try to drink lots of cranberry juice, it flushes out the kidneys.
  4. thanks cherry pie! I will start drinking some cranberry juice, I heard about that before, just never bothered with it. lol.
  5. cranberry won't fix an exisitng problem :nogood:
    Go get checked ASAP.
  6. Well, I can tell you that when I was young I had the exact same symptoms as you many times and each time it was a kidney infection. At first they did not find it in the blood tests, I had to have the dye test and then they found it. I used to get a lot of them when I was young and they sucked!!!

    I hope you feel better soon.
  7. It sounds like nephritis, even though a kidney infection was ruled out. Your symptoms sound like what I went through in May...feel better soon! I know how awful and frustrating it can be.

    Cranberry pills also help once you've gotten everything cleared up- I take those daily.
  8. Thanks all!
    Swanky: Yes, I know it won't fix it, although I wish it did, lol, but I heard in the past that it was a preventive measure, so I should really start doing that.
    Traci: I was completely convinced it was a kidney infection until that culture was sent out and nothing grew(even though something showed the first time.) Also, I thought that since I had UTI symptoms first, then I got this pain, I am thinking it could have escalated up into a kidney infection, since I did wait a month(still regretting that.) Also, would it have shown up on the CT scan? But what you mentioned makes me think it could still be a kidney infection despite it not showing, I am going to mention this wednesday. I am thinking he might order an IVP, then.
    Janos: Is nephritis another name for a kidney infection? Also, thanks for the tip on the cranberry pills, it is definitely something I am going to look into after all this.
  9. I get alot of UTIs, the best prevention is WATER!! And alot of it. My utis always appear when I am so busy at work that I don't stop to drink of even pee for 6-7-8 hrs straight. As soon as I kept a big bottle of water on my desk and made effort to drink, UTIs much less frequent.

    As for the current symptoms, Keep the doctor's appointments and follow advice. Best of luck, when it passes, make sure you keep fluids up.

  10. Yes, mention it again because the culture could have been mishandled. You never know. Also, the only way they found the kidney infections when I used to get them was to do the dye test. You have to lie down and they inject dye into your arm with a needle and then wait for the dye to reach your kidneys and then they can actually see what's going on with them. I remember having to drink alot with it too and then after the test you have to pee it all out! Try asking your doctor if you should maybe have this test. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!
  11. I think it's better for you not to get all worked up about your upcoming tests, especially reading things that could give you nothing but stress if there is nothing wrong with you.

    There is a condition called interstitial cystitis that affects many women, and can cause thickening of the bladder wall. But this does not necessarily mean you have this disorder. Other things can cause bladder wall thickening as well. I could go on and on, but it's best to WAIT FOR YOUR RESULTS.

    As for your question regarding a cystoscopy, I personally would have this done with some form of heavy sedation or under a General. I had one without either and it was not fun.

    Good luck sweetie,
    I hope it's just a mild UTI.
  12. Thanks again everyone for all the advice. It's really helping!
    rupbasoli:That's what I don't understand. All I ever drink is water, and once in a while pop, but I drink water all day long. I know there are other causes of UTI, so maybe I got one of those?
    Traci:That's exactly what I was thinking, that they messed up the second time around. Maybe they should try the culture again. I rather go that route than get that IVP, but since your kidney infection showed up only on the IVP, that is something I am going to tell my urologist wednesday.
    travelbliss: Instersitial cystitis is what a couple people in my family said that I could have, this was before I even got the CT scan and culture. I already have all the results, I just need to see what the urologist says about this, since he would have a better idea than my family doctor. I was also thinking the same thing, if I had to get a cystoscopy, I would go only for general, but hopefully I wouldn't have to even go that route.
  13. OMG!!! My doc thinks I have interstitial cystitis. I just got brochures on it. I've been feeling like I have a UTI and nothing shows up. I have to see a urologist. I did read in this little informative brochure that cranberries aggravate it as well as caffeine, carbonated beverages, citrus fruits, and Vitamin C (like in tomatoes). It said to avoid chocolate...which sucks for me!!!! I guess it can come and go, too. I've felt fine for the past few days. Let me know what happens with you!
  14. O gosh!! I feel your pain. Also, I didn't know about the things that aggravate it, so that helps a lot. I just ate a Dove candy bar just now, lol! I am going to my urologist tomorrow, so I will update! Best of luck to you also!

  15. Yup, nephritis is a kind of kidney infection caused when a UTI is not treated properly the first time and spreads beyond what the original infection was and where it was located. Make sure they get a white blood cell count on you.

    Also make sure the cranberry pills use pure cranberry extract or, even better, dried cranberry powder.