Any Doctors or Nurses in the forum?

  1. I have this really weird rash and have no clue what it is any ideas? :confused1:
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  2. anyone? :sad:
  3. Does it hurt, itch? When did it start, and is it spreading?
  4. i just seen it today doesnt hurt or itch, no spreading. pretty ugly though.
  5. ^ same questions. where is ist? size? it is hot to the touch? is it blister like with fluid inside? does it ooze fluid? do you have a fever? where you in the woods recently? or handling grass or plants? where you bit by a bug?
  6. its below my breast on my right rib, feels warm, its blister like no fluid, no fever, havent been in the wood hndling grass or bit by any bugs :sad:
  7. Have you eaten anything different in the last couple of hours? Or have you been taking any medication (for something else)?
  8. nope, ive eaten about a pound of carrots in the last few days though... lol
  9. I think you need to see a dermotologist. I am not liking the blister thing, cause that sounds like shingles but with shingles there is pain. It could also be a simple contact dermatitus. Please see your doctor.
  10. ohmygosh. i havent thought of this before, my cousin had scabies or shingles this month but she hasnt touched me there, coud that be it?!
  11. No. Shingles is a virus that lies dormant in your body then erupts on a specific dermatome. It also hurts a lot, a usually the patient has pain before the eruption. I think it is best to see a doc to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.
  12. ok thank you.
  13. Shingles is caused by a virus that also causes Chicken Pox. If you've never had the Chicken pox b4 and is not vaccinated, you can get it by being in contact with someone who has shingles.

  14. Irishgal, i was thinking the same thing.
    Please do see a dermatologist and keep us updated.
  15. If you don't experience any other symptoms like fatigue , malaise , low fever , never had chikenpox and just the rush it's unlikely to have shinles( herpes zoster) , but you still should see a dermatologist