Any Doctors or nurses here tonight?

  1. Ack! DH called me a couple hours ago from Sacramento (work trip) after he had dinner out with his staff. He sounded REALLY stuffy and thought he was having a reaction to something he ate at the restaurant. He had left and gone outside so that he could hear to talk. I told him to get to an ER quickly, it could be an anaphylactic reaction. Being the typical guy, he thought all he needed was some Benadryl. He was going to go back inside to tell the others that he was going to walk across the street to a Target and get some. I told him to ask someone to go with him...

    Fast forward an hour later, I get a call from one of his co-workers. First thing she said was "He is fine." I asked her where he was, and she said they (she and two other guys) took him to the ER! They had him hooked up and receiving fluids....his face was swollen, his eyes were swollen shut, and his tongue had started to swell. Apparently, he had walked over to Target BY HIMSELF. Dumb s**t! :shocked: One of the guys noticed he was missing and I guess they called him on his cell and he told them he was getting worse so they went out to get him. Dumb s**t.

    I just called him again, and he is still pretty swelled up and can barely talk. It's hard to understand what he is saying. :crybaby: By my calculations, he has been there about two hours.

    He has had allergies his whole life....he used to get allergy shots, and still takes meds daily. But so far, it has only been to pollen, dust, etc. However, the past two weeks or so, it has really kicked up a notch, and he has been stuffed up to the point that he can't breathe out of his nose at all. I am wondering if all this could be related...and the past two weeks he has been subjecting himself to an allergen and it finally overloaded on him tonight.

    I mentioned to him that he might want to get an epi pen from them just in case, until he can get home and back to his allergist for testing. If it happens again, I can only imagine how serious it could get. :wtf:

    Does this sound like anything other than just an allergic reaction to you? Any helpful words would be appreciated! :yes:
  2. sorry I am not a doctor, but I really wish your hubby gets better!
  3. Sorry I just saw the message now hubby is a doctor.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate it! I just talked to him again, he is still there, but somewhat better. I have got to get some sleep, it's midnight here in CA. I told him to call me when he gets released, or if they want him to stay, I told him to get some sleep and I will talk to him in the morning.

    This was scary! :sweatdrop:
  5. I'm glad that he got to a hospital. I have bad allergies. I always take zyrtec with me and I also have an epi pen in my purse.

    Your hubby should get a prescription for an epi pen. They actually gave me two. One for my purse and one for home. Thankfully I've never had to use it, but it's there for an emergency.
  6. yikes... i hope he is okay.
    i'm not quite a doctor yet (med student right now), but it does sound like an allergic reaction/anaphylaxis based on your husband's prior history of atopy (allergies) and his symptoms. there are also weird parasitic infections that can cause some of the same symptoms but those are unlikely in the US...
    the epi pen is a great idea. if this were true anaphylaxis, he could have been risking his life by taking the time to pick up some benadryl!
    hope you find out what it is soon. try to get some rest!
  7. So glad it turned out OK but your DH must get an epi pen and learn how to recognize when he is in danger! I wonder if he ate something that he is allergic to? I have a friend who didn't know he was allergic to pine nuts (of all things) until he had an anaphylactic reaction.
  8. oy..Have him carry an epi pen and benedryl till he finds out thru an allergist what he is allergic too.I have multiple food allergies..and I carry an epi pen everywhere.
  9. He was released last night about 12:45 am. :yes: They gave him an RX prednisone and an epi pen. The pharmacy didn't have the epi pen in stock, so he will get it today. I am so happy that they gave him the RX for the epi pen....that will be a huge relief.

    He told me that it pretty much started right after he started to eat the salad. Another co-worker this AM that had the same thing told him that the restaurant seemed to have put some additional stuff in it last night, like cranberries and a few other things. DH had a bad reaction to pumpkin muffins that I had made one time a year or so ago as well, so I wonder if it just may be something along those lines that he is allergic to. :confused1:

    Thank you for your help!
  10. I know...and this makes me so sad. I can't believe he even chose to go by himself, in order to not be embarrassed about asking someone to go with him. :cursing:

    Thank you :yes:
  11. ^Make sure he goes to the allergist ASAP...You have to be off prednisone and allergy meds for like 2 weeks before an allergist can test him for the allergies..So make an apptmt NOW.
  12. I hope your husband gets well soon! :biggrin:
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if there were pine nuts in the salad....:shrugs:
  14. I will call first thing when they open at 9am. He has a regular allergist that he has been seeing off and on for years, so they have all his records to start off with.

    Thanks! :smile:
  15. Thank you! ;)