Any Disneyland tips?

  1. We are going in2 weeks :smile:

    First time in about 5 years, anything new we should know....or you best tip?

  2. Awwwwwwwwww, Disneyland!

    I haven't been there in such a long time :sad: I practically lived there as a kid, haha
  3. We just got back from Disneyland last week. We went to San Diego (Pacific Beach) to surf, etc. then headed up to Disneyland for a few days. I guess it depends on if you'll have kids w/ you or not. My little one is 7, which is great, she can do the big rides, skip toon town and all that stuff.

    My biggest tip, is to NOT eat there, the food is always gross and really overpriced. We always leave the park for lunch and dinner (nice to have a break from all the people too). We head to Downtown Disney, which is great. Lots of restaurants to choose from, I love eating at House of Blues, they have the best jumbalia and a wonderful salmon salad, plus who can't use a good drink after being around screaming kids all day.:P

    We also had a ton of fun at California Disney side, much less crowded, short lines for the rides, etc. Have a great time. We did.
  4. I am no help, but have a fun and safe trip!!
  5. Ohhh I love it! I used to go every year for Thanksgiving until I left last year.My advice: Take advantage of early opening (if you're staying at a Disney hotel they'll let you in early) and hit the good rides first :smile:If you are going on alot of rides use the FastPass system. Typically you get a spot in line for 45-60 minutes we grab one for the worst ride with the longest lines...and while waiting we peruse the stores in that "land" and go on a ride with no lines.Food is expensive....but a MUST is to go to the Disneyland Hotel and have the character breakfast. it is pricey but worth it (best buffet I've ever had)...the characters come and sit at your table and eat with you , etc.I also recommend California land too....we spent one day there and the rest in actual Disneyland.Downtown Disney is fun...but is something nice to save until the end of the day...Rainforest Cafe is a great place to eat there.If you any questions please feel free to ask here or via PM :smile:
  6. Have fun!! I worked at D-Land in high school. I was a ride operator at the Haunted Mansion, the one who puts you in the cars, I got to wear a velvet dress with low cut front hubba hubba. We used to stay after dark, what a strange place it is..there are underground trails all over the park.
  7. That would've been my dream job when I was young. :P Did you all get to go on all the rides after the park closed? Also, is the Haunted Mansion really haunted? I heard that someone sprinkled the ashes of a little boy in there. :confused1:
  8. We are going with our 2 younger boys, 12 and 6....thanks for all the tips :smile: