Any discounts on designer prescription glasses?

  1. My mom said she would buy me a pair since i'm always having issues with contacts, anyone know of reliable sources or places with good discounts?
  2. your best bet is to try glasses on at a store and located one on sale from eBay......

    When they make fakes, they change the model #s around so as long as you identify the right model # and the style you're safe.
  3. Lenscrafters has a good selection, like Prada, Donna Karan, Burberry, etc. They often have the 50% off of the frames sale if you buy the frames and the lenses. Or if you have vision insurance, and Lenscrafters is part of the network, you'll get a discount.
  4. Not designer but has some good deals, I got a basic aviator style for $49 with mysunglass rx
  5. Lenscrafters has a clearance section where you get 50% off if you buy the frame & lenses. I just got a pair of CK plastic tortoise shell glasses. The frames were originally $300, but I got them for $100 after the discount.

    If you want a pair that's not on sale, you could always use one of their special offers.
  6. i'm about to get lenses for new robert marc frames i bought at the sample sale this summer. i've only gotten my prescription lenses at small mom-and-pop optical stores. does anyone know if there's a significant price difference between getting lenses at chains like lenscrafters and smaller independently owned stores? or is there no difference at all?