Any discount codes on Couture

  1. Does anyone know of any discount codes for Couture Whether it be a discount or free shipping? The stupid search thing still doesn't work because I don't know if someone has already posted this... sorry if its a repeat! :shame:
  2. try any of these:
    20% - SHOPDIARY (6/08)
    20% off - SPLENDORA
    10% off - FIRSTTIME (first purchase)
    10% off - toutie
    10% off - SPREETAIL
  3. I just found one myself... SITMREWARD20 gives you 20% off... tried it on some of the designer bags like LP and it works! :tup:
  4. 30% off designer dresses TGIFDRESSES
    10% off sales items KARANINASALE
    Free shipping BIRTHDAYSUIT
    35% off select designers SHOPFIX

    I'll start w/ these - none have been confirmed.