Any differences between Monogram and Damier besides obvious design ?

  1. Any differences between Monogram and Damier besides obvious design ? Do they carry differently? Do most people still recognize/envy Damier like with Monogram? I am just very curious...
  2. here in the philippines....most people are not familiar with the damier....the mono is still more popular. ;)
  3. Many people, aside from us purse fanatics, don't know that damier = lv. It's a good choice if you like subtle items and like the checkered pattern. Oh, and you don't have to worry about water spots, getting it dirty/staining, and having the handle part get SUPER dark after lots of use! HTH.
  4. I am getting drawn to Damier myself since it is very unlikely the tweens at the malls will have copies of it.
  5. i like the damier canvas not only because it's subtle and worry-free but also because it goes with almost all my outfits! i can wear it to work or to the mall with my friends... and i can carry everything i ever needed in it and more.. :lol:

    i think the other PFers said that the damier speedy sags a bit more than the mono because it's softer... but the sagginess can be fixed with putting a cardboard or purseket in it if you don't like it...
  6. I like how it's not obviously LV and not many people recognize it immediately. Don't get me wrong, I love my flashier bags too but for school these first couple of weeks, I'm trying (emphasis on TRYING lol) to only use either Epi or Damier since it's not really obvious like my MC/mono bags are.
  7. Damier is just so discreet and clean- I love it! The main difference (obviously) is the treated chocolate leather trim rather than the naked vachetta.
  8. :heart: To me the Damier line seems a bit more stiff and more of a rougher feel than the Mono. And its, to me, somehow..thicker (?) in feel and look. So it looks a bit more structured.

    And it also is the original LV design. Even before the LV Mono....the SA at the store told me this.

  9. Yup i agree comparing my two bags damier is a bit stiff,thicker than the Mono:yes:
  10. Have to say, I've gone for the Damier because it rains so much here, and although I haven't any mono, I do have a few bits with vachetta on, and the rain is a big no no for vachetta.

    I think it's also much rarer (certainly here) to see anyone carrying Damier pieces...

    I LOVE my Damier!!!


  11. Yup, my SA at Saks told me the same thing the other day....I love the Damier line. And that red lining just pops out.......gorgeous!

    My next piece will be mono though!