Any difference reissue dark silver 2007 and reissue dark silver 2008?

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  1. Anyone know?
    Please advise, thanks!! :flowers:
  2. I personally don't think there is any difference, but some pfrmers said the DS 07 2.55 bags have a more rosey undertone. Here is a close up of this seasons DS.
    2.55 003.jpg
  3. Haven't seen either IRL but I've read that last year's was also more bronze-toned than this year's.
  4. There seems to be a difference in colour. Here are pictures courtesy of "theartofacquisition" from eBay.
    23.jpg Chanelbags-Allthree.jpg 22.jpg
  5. those are great comparison pics! thanks for posting. I think this year's DS is much truer to silver/pewter than last year's.
  6. The DS color codes are different

    07A : A30225 Y04373 45004
    08P : A37586 Y04373 45002

    Some photos between mine (07A-Left) & babevivtan's (08P-Right) :
    DS22515.jpg chanel%204.JPG
    DS22519.jpg chanel%205.JPG
  7. I don't know why Chanel gave the 2007 color that name because it's more of a gold than dark silver anyway. The current (2008) dark silver is more of a pewter color.
  8. Just got dokugaku's photos to make a better comparison. Again, the lighting really makes a big different when capturing the photo. As you will find mine (07A) is very close to dokugaku's (08P), but very different from babevivtan's (08P). Funny, huh?!

    So, here's the comparison among all 3 bags:
    Left-Ceci's 07A ; Centre-dokugaku's 08P ; Right-babevivtan's 08P

    DS22507A.jpg dksilv3ms6.jpg babevivtanSP_A0365.jpg
    (You can click to enlarge)

  9. I agree about the lighting and the chameleon quality. I have an 08 DS and it can look like both.
  10. I saw the new dark silver yesterday and it is gorgeous! It has a pinkish cast to it, last years was very gold and bronzy, love this years better.
  11. Dear all...

    Thank you so much for all comparison.
    I got the clear idea now.

  12. I was just in Vegas and was carry my Dark Silver 07 and compared it to the 08 and the 07 is definately more rosey undertoned. The 08 is more pewter silver with a violet undertone. Both are beautiful!!
  13. [​IMG]
    this is a very good side-by-side pics. thanks so much percephonie for posting!
  14. Dear All,
    I am a newcomer and looking so hard for this chanel bag, what I want is the one shown in the center picture , dark silver, size 13" ( 32 cm ) I get the info of the code whcih is A 37586 Y 04373 45004 is this the correct article number ? Can anyone help please ? I am buying this for my wife bday present .Thanks alot ladies.
    Best REgards
  15. thanks for the comparison pics.