Any diff. between S/S 05 and F/W 05 balenciaga city bags?

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  1. I know its from the same year but does that mean the leather for both seasons would be the same or are they a bit different?

    If anyone knows and could let me know either way, please do!! :yes:
  2. I have 4 bags from SS 05 and 2 from FW 05 and while it's not a huge difference, I really do find that the Spring/summer ones are softer. Could just be the ones that I got, not sure, but there is a slight difference to me. Maybe I'm just nuts though, lol. HTH:smile:
  3. ^^ ITA, s/s '05 leather is softer :tender:
  4. ^^ Lol, thanks! So I guess I'm not so crazy after all.:sweatdrop:
  5. thanks. that was what I suspected.
  6. I guess it just depends on the bag. In f/w 05, Balenciaga started introducing the heavily glazed, veiny, crackled leather. My chocolate day and rouge theatre day were like that (not really veiny, but more crackled), but my bordeaux day bag was way softer and silkier than my indigo work or black day from that spring. It was also a lot more thin. The spring 05 leather is noticeably thicker and more matte than fall, and the leather on the bags was more consistent in quality.
  7. i agree w/ circoit. s/s 05 leather was thicker and spongey soft. f/w 05 was when the leather quality changed...noticeably thinner, some w/ crackled appearance, but not all of the f/w 05 leathers were like this. my 05 gray day is similar to s/s 05 ~ spongey soft.
  8. ^^My experience is just the opposite! My S/S black City has fabulous leather and it's unique from all my other bags. It's perfectly smooth and melty and buttery. My F/W black Twiggy is thick and smooshy. Both are matte. Then I have two other 05 bags that lean toward the shiny side. So now that I think about it, my black bags are kind of exceptions to the rules because I do agree with everyone else that the leather on most bags started to get shiny around F/W.
    black city.jpg twiggy with charm.jpg
  9. ^^ ACK, your twiggy's killing me :sos:

    ***swoons*** ***faints*** ***passes out***
  10. agree, that black twiggy has amazing TDF leather - swoon...:drool:
  11. Thanks for this. I'm going to keep this in mind :yes:
  12. I F/W 05 chocolate and rouge_theatre Work bags have completely different leather. The rouge is more smooth, but thin. The chocolate is "wrinkly" but thick and seems to be able to take a beating.

    But the best leather is on the S/S 05 black city I gave my is smooshy perfection and doesn't even compare to my F/W 05 bags.
  13. But the best leather is on the S/S 05 black city I gave my is smooshy perfection and doesn't even compare to my F/W 05 bags.[/quote]

    Really......I'm thinking of having you as my sister:p