Any Diane von Furstenberg Fans?

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  1. Thanks ladies-Meg that was very pretty as well-I saw it a few weeks back for 146.00 @Neiman Marcus-it must have been a mistake cause after a couple of days went back up to full price.All sizes-should have mentioned to DVFer's, sorry- next time
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    phiphi-you made me get the trench from Loft! it was reallay nice and 40 % off -couldn't resist-you're an enabler:ty:
  3. Ladies wore my african tulip coral top to church this morning and got some rave comments-they loved the color! The coral is TDF and the silk is divine. Wonderful flowy top for this summer heat.
  4. Wow! This thread moves fast....get bogged down at work and find oneself way behind. :sos:

    I just have to ladies are fabulous! Everyone looks so amazing!! :girlsigh: You routinely inspire me to try new things (e.g. DVF and prints).

    Speaking of...I made my first (second and third) DVF purchases ever thanks to y'all. :presents I got a wrap dress off *bay (thanks Mellva :hugs:), the Sinopa skirt (I couldn't find the paisley one from Jcrew mentioned in Phi's blog but this one should work), and the Lou (for $83 at NM consolodation sale)! I am so excited to wear them!! :yahoo:
  5. thank you so much, ladies, for your kind words :smooch:

    next weekend I'll be in London and this means: shopping for non wrap DVF dresses :graucho:


  6. Congrats, Rockgirl!!! Please post modeling pics when you get it. I can't wait to see it. :smile:
  7. Butterfly please post pics of the DVF dresses you find!!!:smile:
  8. congrats, Labag! I'm glad you could benefit from the 15% off and I'm looking forward to see in action pics of the marbled rose new Julian!

  9. Great dress I almost got this one last night!!
  10. Can't wait to see what you got!!
  11. Since the snake print limited edition wrap is sold out ( I snoozed, I lost) I'm thinking about the black and white chain print wrap. Any chain owners out there? Thoughts? I gravitate to graphic prints but don't want something that would make my DH dizzy looking at it. I can't find this print in any of my local stores to see in person.
  12. Hi Ladies

    Been a while since I've been on this forum for a number of reasons however today I got my 1st DVF dress.

    I really wanted a wrap dress but when I put a few on they just looked like dressing gowns on me :sad: but that be because I am 5'4.

    It's the new season Gabi Dress In dash weave black.

    Truely a lovely flattering dress.

    Sorry for the image quality..bad iphone camera.


  13. ^^^ love the gabi on you! i was totally waiting to see how it would look on a real person, it's lovely online :biggrin:
  14. That GABI dress in the DASH WEAVE BLACK is gorgeous! Savannah Guthrie wore it last week or the week before on NBC's Today Show broadcast and it looked very classy.

  15. You look gorgeous. I love that print and style. :smile:
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