Any Diane von Furstenberg Fans?

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  1. Has anyone seen the New Julian Two Dress In lily munch hot orange? I really like the looks of it online.
  2. I "forgot" to order this one because I was not sure whether I'm gonna like the orange or not. But it's quite cool and very retro. Would love to have a IRL store picture of it. Maybe one of the lovely US ladies who sees it in store could snap a pic for us?

  3. I am supposed to go to Nordstrom tomorrow and if I see anything good I will snap a pic. They don't have a lot of wrap dresses and when they do they fly out of there so fast.
  4. i tried this on this weekend, i really didn't like it on the hangar (all i could think was denver broncos!) but dh wanted me to. anyway, i REALLY liked the colors on, but the print just was way too pac man for me. if it were flowers instead, i probably would have gotten it. i took a picture on my phone, but i'm sorry, i don't know how to post pics.
  5. I bought that exact dress and returned it. Ran huge on me. I think it might be the Giant balloon stripe. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  6. Trust me, I know how that is. I promise you likely don't look as bad as you think you do. When I am frustrated with my body, I hate everything I put on and others are like "you look fine, you're crazy." I am sure that's the case. :smile:
  7. Sounds gorgeous! I'll check it out. Orange would look great on you with your coloring. And it's fun to step out of your color comfort zone from time to time.
  8. Thanks for the review think I may pass.
  9. this was my first thought too, when I saw it on maybe this is a dress that one needs to see IRL to really be able to decide whether to like or not.

    thank you for your feedback.

    did you see any other new prints?

  10. please report back whether you're liking it or not ;)
  11. butterfly_77 - i was at Nordies, they had the pacman print in the orange and blue (again, really pretty color combo on) as well as black and white. the only other wrap they had was the abigail dress in the slice black. it was pretty on, but i don't think nearly as versatile as the knee length dresses.
  12. Thank you, rcy!!

    I bought the slice black new julian and it will arrive with the other dresses soon....

    I'm still not sure what to do with the pacman :p print ;)

  13. Yeah on close inspection on the websites of this design I am not a fan that is exactly what it looks like pacman. Too bad since I love the colors.
  14. Last night I wore to shul my New Julian Two Shibori Giraffe. The print is really nice and the color is a dark blue with almost a bit a purple.
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