Any Diane von Furstenberg Fans?

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  1. i can't believe i missed this thread. You ladies look fab in your dresses and tops. I am a huge fan. Love her wrap dresses. I am into color and prints. I just bought a few pieces for the summer. Will take pics soon to share.
  2. I absolutely LOVE this dress! Looks so gorgeous on you! I recall seeing it back in spring 2007 but don't remember the style or print name right now.....any chance you might know? Will try to stalk this piece on eBay!
  3. Foxy This is the classic Jeanne wrap dress it was available in mint and white, black and white and purple(bluey) and white.
  4. There is a black/white one on eBay in a 12...
  5. Huge fan! Two dresses, a black cocktail and a wrap. Also three tops. I love them.
  6. Aww, thank you, DukePrincess! :flowers:

    Kamilla, you look fabulous in your red DVF (love the accessories as well)! :love:

    Samia, I also would say everything DVF is pretty TTS. If you want a looser fit on the hips with certain wrap dress styles, you can size up, but I generally don't (and my hips are what they are haha), because the bust area ends up being too big on me.

    talldrnkofwater - You look amazing in your DVF pieces! I have that exact Toby dress! :smile:

    shopalot - Hi there! Aww, thanks so much!! :love: Unfortunately, I have no idea. :sad: I bought it on sale I'd say a year (maybe two) ago from Shopbop! I would troll around eBay and see if you can find it... I hope so!! :flowers:

    MandM, you look amazing... I love that print! :love:
  7. The bust are is always too small for me also. I almost always have the shoulders taken up, and then it is PERFECT!
  8. Guess what the UPS man dropped off for me today???? :biggrin:

    Although I am supposedly banned from anymore DVFs, I couldn't resist this dress when I found it super cheap for $145 at

    I love it! :heart: Abiti in Parque Sunkist

  9. ^^^oooohh, that's gorgeous! Great deal too. I usually go for dvf on sale unless I just can't help myself:smile:

    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!
  10. it looks gorgeous on you! ;) don't you love sales ?:graucho:
  11. Fieryfashionist i love every piece you have. Very chic! :tup:
  12. MandM & MissPR08: Thanks for the sweet compliments! :cloud9:

    Thank you to talldrinkofwater for teaching me how to upload large pics! :yahoo:
  13. I'm a HUGE fan. I just got two new dresses from the DVF sale.
    You can't beat her silk jersey pieces for travel.
  14. I own just the one piece, a pink silk skirt. It has a snakeprint woven into the fabric (but is tone on tone pink).
    I don't own many designer pieces and untill my diet gets me to a more designer-friendly size it will stay that way. DvF is my go-to-woman when I get there though.
  15. Just curious how much taking the shoulders in costs? I have the same problem so I just buy the size smaller so my shoulders fit and then wear a cami.
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