Any Devin owners?

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  1. Tell me about this bag. Do I want it? Any pros or cons? Approximately how much does it hold? I really think I need a black another hole in my head! But I love that leather it has and since the Elisha is such a winner...I think this might be the 1st runner up.
  2. Lexie - I would highly recommend devin. I wasn't sure when I opened the box at work, but when I got her home and took a proper look, I love it! I have carried devin for 3 days, and IMO it's perfect.
    Holds alot, but not too big. I switch bags every couple days, so I keep all the little things that make changing bags a pain, in a make-up case (approx. 7x4x2). I can put that, my wallet (full size), sunglasses, cell phone, etc. in there and there's tons of room left over, so it slouches nicely. The only con I would mention would be the shoulder straps. Since they are wider, long and doubled, the top one seems to slip once in awhile, but only if I lean over, or get into some other weird position! Just walking around they are fine, and I certainly wouldn't say it's a detractant.
    I have not seen an elisha IRL, so I can't give you a comparison.
    I buy and sell or return alot of bags that I just don't care for after I carry them for a day or 2, and I can say devin is a keeper!
  3. Good and thank you HuskyLover. Looks like I will be purchasing one in about 2 weeks. I adore the Elisha leather so much I had to have another in that line.
  4. I've never owned a Kooba and love the look of this style. Is Devin smaller than Elisha, is it a big difference? I am 5'3 and do not prefer bigger bags that overwhelm my small frame.