Any details on this shoe?

  1. I went to Lane Crawford today (a department store in HK) and tried on a pair of nude plain leather pointy-toed CL pumps with a very thin heel, identical to the ones of the 3 inch yoyos and these shoes had I think a 3.5 (85 mm) inch heel or maybe a bit higher or lower, possibly even 4 inches? Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knows which shoe I'm talking about - name, exact heel height etc. They were so comfy! The cushioning at the front is very nice, they were on sale at 30% off. I really want to get a pair, but the choice there was really limited, I want to see what other CLs the other Lane Crawford stores have. I tried the green patent simple pumps (I think 85 mm) and they were really comfy as well (but I can't imagine anything in my closet that goes with green). I tried some killer 120 mm heels (pigalle black white graffiti) just to try out the height, but couldn't walk in them though (I'm used to 3 inch heels). They also had electric blue satin rolandos, I love the shape of the rolandos, but the colour is way too hard to match stuff with.

    Also are the cut on the Very Prives very low? My feet don't go well with extremely low cuts that go to the sides of the toes.

  2. i think they're the helmuts that you tried? yikes, otherwise they could be the pigalles but you mentioned later in the post, so i doubt? sorry if i didn't help!
  3. I think you may have tried on the "PIAF" pump except in the nude color....was it this shoe here?


    It's a pointy-toe pump with the Yoyo-85/90/100 heel and a great work shoe!
  4. Ah yes, thanks Foxy Cleopatra! That's the shoe I was looking at. I'm not sure if I could wear 85 mm to work though - I tend to do quite a bit of walking.

    I think of CLs as more special occasion shoes though, because I'm afraid I might damage them at work - they're so beautiful!