any designers make cute cases for BlackBerrys? (Hermes, LV, Gucci maybe?)

  1. I just bought a BlackBerry about a month ago. I :heart: it! It has changed my life. I chucked the paper agenda that I've been carrying around for years with my calendar, date book, etc.

    So now, of course, I need to accessorize. :p I have purchased this case, which is pretty cute...


    But, I wouldn't mind having a high-end designer case instead. Can anybody recommend designers who make cases for BlackBerrys, or for PDAs in general? I'm thinking that LV or Gucci, maybe Hermes, are the most-likely suspects.
    Sena Croco Red case.jpg
  2. I know what you mean. I'm still looking for a pretty case for my sidekick III. It's hard to find designer ones.
  3. I have a Moto Q and previously had a ppc6700 and a treo. I couldn't find a designer case either.
  4. Cosmo, where did you find that red case?
  5. Thanks!
  6. wow an LV case would be so awesome.
  7. i know for sure that Burberry makes Blackberry cases. i saw one a while ago during the Neiman Marcus sale. i also think that coach makes one. i think i saw it at the outlet but i am really not too sure
  8. Thanks for all the responses.

    Anybody else know of any cases? I'm kind of surprised there aren't more on the market.
  9. I saw a cute burberry one on sale on the Neiman Marcus website earlier this morning.