Any designer bags with longest strap for crossbody

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  1. I’m hoping to find a designer bag the has the longest straps that'd allow me to wear it crossbody.
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  2. What size bag and how long do you consider long enough?
  3. Alma BB ?
  4. Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch has a very long strap, the bag would hang slightly above the knees. However, the strap's adjustable and also can be tied into a knot in case you ever need to make it shorter.
  5. Givenchy small Pandora has a very long, non adjustable strap. I’m 5’5” and it hangs low on me when I wear crossbody. It hits a bit lower than mid thigh.
  6. Proenza Schouler Pouch - It is also like magic what that bag fits.
    I think it is only preloved available, meanwhile.
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  7. That's right, it was discontinued a few years ago. I do agree, it packs a ton for such a small bag.
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  8. Great advice so far. I need it long enough for my daughter who's 5'7 and a bit chubby.
  9. Gucci disco and the Alma BB would be great to check out.