Any denim bags at the outlets????

  1. A whole bunch of them are popping up on eBay... I know macys has them for 30% off but they must be getting them from somewhere else too right??
  2. I haven't seen them at the outlets, but you're right - Macys and Nordies had the demi denim stripe on sale this past week. Macy's had a table full!
  3. I've only seen the denim Resort collection at the outlets. I just picked up the Denim stripe hobo at Macys on clearance though.
  4. Macy's Rocks, I'm going to check it out today, hopefully I get lucky!!!
  5. Im not sure about the outlets, but I just picked up the denim stripe shoulder tote at Nordies for 30% off. I love big bags, just couldnt resist!
  6. yeah thats how much they are at macys :sad:
  7. Dillards and Von Maur just marked them down also. The manager I spoke with at Dillards said that the get directions from Coach on when to mark stuff down. Which kind of makes sense...otherwise how would all these different dept stores mark the same bags down at the same time. Although Dillards frequently does an extra 30% off the markdowns...which makes it about half price!!!
  8. I think my Macy's only had stuff for 25% off....did see a lot of denim.
  9. The prime & premier outlets in Fl. had them when I went about 2 weeks ago.
  10. florida :sad:
  11. whereeeeee is the picture missy?!??!?!
    i m going nuts looking for pictures of them lol!

    i broke down and went to coach to try to order it (i had a store credit) and they told me that they only made it for department stores, but i called Jax and they have it!! i m going to try to stop my previous order (i ended up breaking down and getting the large tote, which i think is too short for me :tdown:)

    its a good thing there is TPF!
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  14. sorry :cry: i didn't even know i violated the rules 3x until today.. i was really newb to the site and didn't know what i was doing. but i just checked my past posts and realized what i did, soo i won't do it again! sorry again.
  15. I saw some on sale at Lord and Taylor a couple days ago.