Any deals on tan paddies?

  1. I am on the hunt for a light colored paddy. I was thinking I wanted a cream color, but now I am considering tan. I used to have a tan loaf and the color was amazing, I just found the bag to be a little cumbersome. (tho it's one I regret parting with!)

    Have you seen any good deals on tan paddies?
  2. Hmm...check Bluefly! I saw a tan one yesterday, I just checked again and It's gone! maybe they'll have it later. Oh...and you might find a coupon add't 20% also. Good luck with your searching
  3. I am watching that one! :smile:
  4. Hee hee! The seller is really great and, like all of us here, has a genuine passion for finding 'the one bag' :yes:

    She did buy two Tans at the same time and was utterly torn about which one to keep. There is a thread about it and the opinions were so split, I think it only made it harder for her to choose! :crybaby:

    These eBay finds, where authenticity is guaranteed and a fair price quoted, are rare indeed.

    It would be great if this Tan were to be snapped up by 'one of us' - keep it in the family I say ;)
  5. There is a tan paddy up on eBay now, I think it was 2005 and current price was $895.
  6. desperately want a brown python Silverado. someone, anyone, please help. :drool::drool: