Any deals on Gustto LARGE Setela in Caramel??

  1. I've been really wanting the large size of the Gustto Setela in the Caramel color. I know there are many sites that carry it but i'm wondering are there any codes like 30% off or something lke that. thanks!!

    Oh and also.. i know that there is a Gustto sample sale coming up in NYC.. has anyone been there before?? Does anyone remember seeing any setelas there. thanks so much!!
  2. Hey i went to the last one and i def saw that bag there, i am not sure which color i saw i know black but when i got there it wasnt early in the AM i actually snatched the last nice looking baca they had and i love it.
    I would say if you have your heart set on that bag that color GO EARLY!!!!!!!!!! on the 1st day (which is usually a tues, cause they arent open mondays) go super early and make sure you get in there

    here is a link from the website that hold the sample sale showing pictures of gustto bags, IM GUESSING the ones they will have, cause they dont have all the gustto bags shown
    i am not sure if the color shown is the only color they will have but i believe those are the styles they will have (thats how it was at the last one)
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    The avg price of the bags there was about $300 so its def a good deal on $700 bags
    def go check it out

    plus they are going to have more koobas too so you could get one of those :smile:
  3. Revolveclothing sells it in Caramel and if you're a new customer, you can get 30% off.