Any Deals on Belen Echandia?

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the BE fuschia zipped bag. It looks like I can get it on the UK "Handbags and Glad Rags" website, but I'd sure feel better if I had a discount code. Does anyone have one of know where (preferably in the US) I could get one of these bags?

  2. Kathy, Jackie Cawthra (the owner) offers only a few sale opportunities per year - usually something along the lines of 20-30% off (she had one in the Spring, I believe and will next have one in January, based on other posters). You may order directly from her site:

    You may also find some US retailers from her site - you may want to email or contact them to see if they have any independent deals going, but my guess is that since BE is still such an exclusive brand (distribution-wise, because they have a large following here! :yes:), it may be harder to find a "deal". Her most recent offering was free shipping to US customers....
  3. Thanks, Audball!