Any deals for Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas?

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  1. I am going to Las Vegas, NV April 9th to April 13th for a wedding, and I am looking to stay at Mandalay Bay (that is where the wedding is). Does anyone know of any promos or discounts for hotel rooms during that time period?

    I've checked Mandalay Bay's website, Costco's website, and AAA's website and haven't found anything thus far.

  2. Travelocity
  3. ^ Thanks, but travelocity's hotel room prices for Mandalay bay are the same as on Mandalay Bay's website.
  4. saw this on travelzoo, but it looks like the deal would not apply to all the dates you're there (only works on 9th, 12th, and 13th)
  5. I found that has a pretty good showing as far as hotel codes go.

    Also, most hotels in vegas have a 48 hour cancellation policy. So what I like to do, is find the best deal I can for the moment, and then continue checking all the way up until I leave for the trip. If you find something better, just call the hotel and have them give you the better rate!
  6. Oh, sorry I didnt realize. I just remembered that yesterday they had awesome deals for Bellagio so I assumed that everything was on special.
  7. If you are familar and comfortable with bidding on priceline check bidding for travel priceline forum where people report their most recent priceline wins. Last I checked the only south strip 5* priceline win was Mandalay. Also FW travel promo thread might have something although I don't think the new spring promo codes are being posted yet but keep an eye on it for the next couple weeks. I'll pm you.
  8. I swear I had an email from them with specials that I got a couple weeks ago but I can't find it! In the meantime, check out, they usually post all the latest deals.
  9. Did you register online with them? they often e-mail special rates to people on their mailing list. also, i would recommend making reservations there and then calling them to adjust the rate if you find something better. that tactic works well with most vegas hotels and ensures you a room when you need it.
  10. Thanks for all of your help everyone! I ended up getting 2 nights for $80 each! The others were $110 and $120. So all in all I got a great deal I think! I ended up using the promo code from the tavelzoo website BTW.

  11. shaurin which site did u use?
  12. Just as an FYI, definitely keep tabs on their deals and sign up for their emails. Last time we went, our rooms were buy 1 night, get one free. We stayed Friday and Sat. for a total of 108 bucks. This deal was through an email to everyone on their mailing list.
  13. We went to Vegas the week before Christmas stayed at Mandalay Bay. Changed the suite twice - cleaning service SUCKS. Pubic hair everywhere. How disgusting ?