Any deals for black friday?

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  1. Will there be any specials at the coach stores? stores that sell coach or the outlets?

    if yes are they worth the horrible wait in the cold?
  2. I think, from what they told me, that the coach outlets were going to put out the this years gallery tote, and the duffle in the brown is still on the site in patchwork. that is what they told me last week, if that helps you patchwork guys.
  3. spoke with a SA that worked at macys few days ago and i meant to post thsi but here it goes ALL coach and dooney will be 20% no i live in NY so i am not sure if it will be different but defintely worth a check out and also Lord and taylor has 15 % off all bags also hoep you all get some greta stuff i am saving up my funds for a new bag so no shoppig for a few weeks or so for me lol and i may just have to tell my B/f um instead fo carly leather hobo can i have a digital camera b/c i have no clue where mine is and my camera phone is not really happenign and i so watt to post some pics of my items muah enjoy your holiday