Any Dark Brown Cloudy Bundle Tote Sightings?

  1. May I know if anyone has been the larger dark brown CB Tote recently?:s
  2. How dark brown?? And are you looking for the Bowler style???
  3. I'm looking for the Tote style, the larger one. They have it in 3 colors, black , dark brown which they call "Beige", and the cream color, which they call "white".
  4. This is the pic pf the Cloudy Bundle.
  5. It is not really "brown"..."white" is creamy beige, tan..."beige" has a bit of a green tone... Pics are of "beige"...
    Chanel 001.jpg Chanel 002.jpg
  6. Did you find the Cloudy B in the Tote??? K~
  7. Still looking for it, I confirmed that NM/Saks do not have it.:sad: Tyring to look for Nordstrom. I'm also trying the boutiques, but those that I tried, mainly the NY ones, do not have. Any advise, please?