any damier fans...

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  1. who like the damier azur?

    i dunno..i really don't like the damier azur's either damier or damier azur..

    damier means classic, low maintenance, not flashy, and no vachetta to me...

    damier azur is the total opposite to me.
  2. me me!!! i'm a damier fan!

    i am with you rensky. i don't like the azur line either.
  3. I need to see it in person first. Light bags don't look good with my pale skin!
  4. But I love classic damier!
  5. i think both lines have merits of their own.

    the azur is a breath of fresh air, it is so refreshing!

    the regular daimer is subtly stylish.

    i love them both (:
  6. I like them both but am just worried about how patina will look on the vachetta of the Azur
  7. Personally I have too many brown bags so I decided against the I need one more brown bag...yikkkkeeess...daimer azur for spring/summer has more sizzle IMO...different and fresh...if you have more than 4 brown bags in your collection I say go for the azur...there is only sooo much brown a gal can take...I have had enough I am going MC black Aurellia MM...colour and funky...let's think outside the box...I am all browned out people!!!!!
  8. I am the same way. I get sick of brown - so the azur is a nice change.
  9. I have only one damier bag, the Ipanema PM. I really like it because I live in a climate with about six months of winter and I don't have to worry about the vachetta getting water-marked.
    I am pretty new to LV and the Azur line intrigues me because I want to see what it will look like in a couple of years. I don't know if the vachetta patina will look good with the light damier canvas. I also don't know if the light canvas will remain light or will take on sort of a "grungy" cast. :confused1:

    I don't live anywhere close to a boutique, so I'm relying on you guys to provide plenty of pics of your new Azur babies!:yes:
  10. Not sure about that light color! I love the original Damier so it is hard for this one to grab me as much? Anyone else feel this way?
  11. What puzzles me is why LV didn't release the Azur in the spring? Or is it supposed to appeal to all the "beautiful people" who take winter vacations to exotic and exclusive locales? :beach: :P
  12. Love em both. Love the pastel colors even more. :biggrin:
  13. I don't know what to think either rensky... I am planning on checking it out IRL before I voice an opinion.
  14. Bookish - you hit it on the head. While permanent, it's considered part of the cruise line, and cruise seasons usually go on sale in November, since one of the best times to "get away" is during the colder months.
  15. I think it will look odd. For instance....would anyone here wear grey shoes with a honey brown leather coat???? It just doest go! Why didnt LV make the leather grey to match. That would be georgeous. I think the creative end of LV is getting a little goofy. I think we are all like sheep...we buy whatever they throw at us. I am probably the worst offender but I draw the line at this one.....the wallets are cute because they dont have the vachetta.