Any Dallas/FW meetups being planned?

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  1. Is anyone planning any Dallas/Fort Worth meetups? I've missed all the past meetups because of work.
  2. I've tried to have one a long time ago w/o success...but I'm all for one :yes:
  3. there's a TON of us here. I'm not interested in setting one up but I'd sure try and make it if it were organized!
  4. I'm more than happy to organize....I just need input on a date and place (although NP or Galleria are the first two places that leap to mind).

    Also, I'd want to be discreet on when and where we meet clue who all browses this forum....kwim?
  5. Well, organization is not my strong suit :nogood:

    But, if we can get enough people together, I would love to be able to put some faces with names.
  6. No other responses, so I am guessing that no one else is interested. Oh well...I thought I would give it a shot.
  7. I would be interested as well!

    its kinda hard to see this forum..I did know about it for a while. I bet thats why there isnt more interest.
  8. I'd be interested in one, but frankly I'm in the same boat as pretty much everyone else - I don't know if I'd actually be able to make it or not!
  9. As many DFW tPF-ers as there are, we should be able to have really good meets..... why don't we try and pick a date and see if we can't get this ball rolling? :yes:
  10. I've had the awesome opportunity of meeting Voodoo IRL! I'd like to meet other gals from the area as well! Count me in!!
  11. i'm in San Antonio, mostly likely i can't be there due to driving distance and work. but if everyone can put this thread in their siggy, it may catch more attention :yes: I used to do that w/RAOK and Vegas meet up, and it helps to get more pp this way.
  12. I can only do T-TH-F's :sad:
    I'd love to meet some of y'all though!
  13. Nothin' wrong with those days, Swanky!!! OK...Tues, Thurs, or Fridays...anyone else in? Even maybe for a long lunch?
  14. :hugs: It was great wasn't it? haha
  15. ^:flowers:

    Fridays work for me..