Any cute & whimisical LV coming out?

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  1. I was wondering if LV is coming out with any more cute and whimisical goodies like the Cherry Blossom, Panda & Cerises. I love Limited Editions that are super cute.

    So what's coming out for the spring/summer collection?

    Having a major itch to buy something. It is such a thrill to be on a waiting list and then get called.
  2. i know what you mean, I love whimsical too.
    Like I loved that panda, and the groom.
    hmmmm, someone must know something. . .
  3. I wish! :girlsigh: Ever since MJ stopped collaborating with Takashi Murakami, the whimsical element fell off his radar.
  4. Yeah I agree ^^

    The only similar thing is that Trunks and Bags mini pochette. Otherwise, I think the Groom was the end of the whimsical pieces.
  5. Darn!

    But do you happen to know when the Trunks & Bags pochette is coming out?
  6. Don't quote me but I believe I heard end of June, early July.
  7. Yeah the whimsical bags are so fun! Hopefully they'll surprise us and pull something out last minute! Who knows!!
  8. What kind of whimisical designs do you think would you like to see? I saw a post a while ago someone super imposed hearts on a speedy. I thought that was super cute.

    The hearts that came out in February were cute, too darn bad I didn't get called for.
  9. LV needs to do something with sailing since there is the LV Cup... like have an all vachetta anchor like the Panda Cles VVN. Or have like a blue anchor with white edging placed at the bottom right corner of a bag. Idk. That idea has been on my mind for a while. :idea:
  10. I wonder if we can suggest our ideas to them. That would be fun!
  11. i'm thinking if anything, it'll be next s/s. i feel like cute and whimsical won't do for fall. but i agree i miss the cutesy character stuff.

  12. Ohhh, I would buy that in a heart beat!
  13. i love the cutesy stuff. maybe they can collaborate with sanrio? that would be super cute! hello kitty heads all over a speedy! just an idea...
  14. i want skull-and-crossbones!!!!!!
  15. me too! :nuts: but not too Ed Hardy like, I'd like to see a more "classical" approach to that topic

    I'd also love to see some sexy 50ies Pin-Up Girls, maybe the nautical kind with their sailor uniforms :graucho: .... and of course: Dita would be the spokesmodel for that line :love: