Any cute straw bags?

  1. I gave my mom a cute Coach straw bag with black trim many years ago. This year she wants another straw bag but one with no trim so she can wear it with anything. I don't mean the basket type, more like the soft straw, if that makes any sense. Has anyone seen anything cute around?

    I checked at Coach and Kate Spade and nothing. So anything other than those.

  2. Thanks, passerby! Good rec... I'm going to see if The Sak has more styles. I'm hoping to get one without any trim. Thanks!
  3. I know, they all seem to have trim. I saw that first one at NM and was actually considering it. I missed #2... off to check that out! Thanks again!

    Passerby, I think #2 is it! My NM store has it so I had them hold one for me. Thanks so much!
  4. Bloomingdales and Nordstrom had Michael Kors straw bags with different color trims.
  5. What is the budget?
  6. honestly, if you don't find what you want, then you should contact Jennifer Marvin in Paris ( ) and let them make you one...then I won't be the only member of this forum raving about these bags! They can make exactally what you want, beyond your expectations...I am sure of it.

    disclaimer *No, not afiliated, not a friend (though, I met her once and talked with her on the phone and through email several times and hope to be a friend, one day=), I am just a fan...I would stake my own reputation on these bags. They are absolutly fantastic...I have no word....I don't own stock in the company, I doubt the company even has stock....currently....

    In'll be glad you did=)

    Thank you for your attention=)
  7. are the bags you are seeing there soft enough? Are you looking for kind of an, I don't know..."fluid" straw...something that behaves more like a very soft leather or fabric?
  8. Eric Javitz makes some beautiful staw bags. I love them. You can see some on
  9. how about this one?!the colour is neutral, she can wear with everything!



    they're all so cheap, except the first one which ia a Michael Kors...:yes:
  10. Mischa,
    I like the one in the middle, to wear with jeans or take to the beach...what is her lifestyle like, Daisy? Does this one suit? Does she want a shoulder bag?
  11. I know you don't want trim, but I love love love this bag by Cole Haan - $450, $550 for the large