Any cute heels for work that are under 3 inches high?

  1. Because of a broken ankle several years ago I had to retire all my heels that were 3 inches and higher. I can't seem to find any cute heels for work. Do you girls have any suggestions? I'm looking for a great black pair that could be worn mostly with pants. I really love wedges, they seem to be the most stable shoe for me to walk in...the broken ankle was really really really bad and heels can be a challenge these days. TIA.
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    I usually pick up one or two pairs of low heeled Stuart Weitzmans for work. I sometimes do a lot of walking and like you I had a leg injury last year. Here are Mid-Logics and Scotch both at $260 at Zappos. Usually you can find them on sale at Nordstoms or Saks later in the season. These two are heels not wedges but the chunky heel is quite comfortable.
  3. Thank you...I'll have to look at those.
  4. I think all of the Prada sport shoes are really comfortable and because they have rubber bottoms they're less severe on your feet. And every season they get better and better looking. :tup:
  5. I'll have to look into those...I never thought of Prada before. Thanks.
  6. have you looked on they have negative overnight shipping (meaning you get $5 off your order AND overnight shipping)! They have a sort by heel height which is easier for you to browse through.
    Good luck!
  7. These Prada sports are really comfy. They may be a tad higher than 3 inches, though.
    prada sport.jpg
  8. I'm in a similar boat... I can't wear high heels to work.

    Here's a few I found:
    Stuart Weitzman Portal (Zappos):

    BrunoMagli Novati (Zappos/Nordstrom)

    BrunoMagli Licious (Zappos):

    Taryn Rose Fortune:

    MBMJ (Nordstrom has these with a 2" heel in black and brown patent leather):