Any current Revolve Clothing codes?

  1. TIA :flowers:
  2. jt still works for 15% off
  3. Great, thanks Liti!
  4. If you have never ordered from them, call them up and they will give you 30% off- they are the best!!! I saved close to a $100 per bag!!!:yahoo:
  5. yes, thank you! I just used 'jt' to preorder some james perse tees and tanks, and it worked!
  6. Yep, JT worked for me too. Thanks Rolexgirl, I WISH I was a new customer, love that they offer that to first-timers.

    I really love their free international shipping too! I bought some Citizens here in Holland and they were €235! OMG, that's about double what it costs on Revolve!
  7. hi Cal is like Revolvecothing for international shipping cost
    the best way is choosing USPS for international shipping from USA and not UPS .......

    PS : thanks Rolex girl
  8. I always buy at Revolve and the best thing is that they don't charge any shipping for international orders over 100$. All my Paige jeans are from Revolve because they cost 250€ here and at revolve about 120€. They always ship with USPS and I never had to pay customs as they just declare 40$.
    I never use Adasa as their shipping costs are pretty high in comparison to Revolve.
  9. I don't know if it is the good place for asking about that ...
    But my question is for "european shopper"
    What do you think about - American products worldwide, fast International Shipping
    it is very expensive ? it is a good system for shopping ?
    My english is not so good,i have read and i have try to find the cost, but i don't find

    PS : taja , i have shop with adasa, i have buy 2 pair of jean, and i pay 35 or 45 dollars of shipping costs with USPS and any customs taxes
  10. as an intl customer i love revolve too
    adasa always has a 20% off code so i guess it's more or less the same as revolve if revolve has no offers...

    i try and make my friends buy together (very difficult)
    so each time we can each sign up for a new account.

    i'm thinking wouldn't it be good if they had problems with their website again
    then we get a 25% off coupon again hehehee
  11. love revolve and can't believe i just found this forum! i just put in an order yesterday too! *SMacks forehead* :hysteric:
    i will send them an email and see if they can add a discount to my order ;)
  12. Yeah, I think they will do it. At any rate, free returns means you could just order it again with the code and return the first one.

    This site and also are great for codes. That is actually where I found the jt code. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Hi gals. I'm new here as well and got very tempted by the 30% new customers offer, but how do I get it??? I wrote to revolve and they told me to sign up at dailycandy and I would get a code there, but I signed up and nothing happend. Help anyone, please???
  14. Thanks so much!! :biggrin: