Any current outlet coupons?

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  1. I just called my local outlet and the SA told me while they aren't handing any out at the door, they would honor printed coupons. I didn't think there was a current 20% off coupon?
  2. Oh it would be great if there is one, I am hoping to go to the outlets later.
  3. as far as i know.... there is no coupons online right now.
  4. I NEED A COUPON!!!! With so many deletes sure to show up this week I soooo need a coupon to get the things I missed out on last PCE! HELP!!!!!!!!
  5. I hear ya, buckeye! I was just at my outlet today and the UPS guy brought boxes upon boxes of bags in. The SA told me they're all FP deletes!
  6. OMG.....PCE broke me! what is a Coachie to do? I cannot pass up a good FP delete!
  7. looks like no online printable coupon came out today...
    this means on coupon till next week....

    or sometimes... very rarely, they do have coupon on Friday.
  8. Did anyone visit an outlet store today? Any coupon?
  9. I called the outlet, no coupon today.
  10. any hint when there may be coupons?
  11. i want to add to my scarf collection. id love a coupon
  12. Same here, I asked my outlet and no coupon today
  13. No coupon at the San Marcos store either. :tdown:
  14. A little birdie told me that there probably won't be one until Columbus day weekend (Oct 11)..... maybe....?
  15. Got a post card in the mail today. 20% off from 10/6 to 10/17. :smile: