Any current magazine deals-looking for Elle, Lucky, & Allure

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  1. Time to renew mags and seeing if there were any deals out there for the 3 listed above, or any other great fashion/beauty mags! TIA!
  2. Yeah, I'd like to get those magazines as well. Anyone know any good deals?

    By the way - have you ever tried ordering magazines on ebay? It can be a pain sometimes cause the delivery time takes forever, but you can often find some good deals if you are willing to wait and follow up with the seller.
  3. I would love to know a good deal for Allure too!
  4. ilovehoneybleu - Nope, never tried ebay, for anything (one of the few people left I know) I just don't feel comfortable with it and don't feel like getting into it, thanks for the suggestion though!
  5. Try - I just renewed my Lucky on there - 2 years for $16.
  6. i buy a lot of subscriptions from ebay and i've never had any problems! just make sure the seller is reputable (:
  7. eBay no longer allows the sale of magazine subscriptions. I used to buy them through eBay and it was basically hit-or-miss. My last 2 subscriptions were from "reputable" sellers with over 1000+ feedback; yet, they did not arrive. The lame excuse is you have to wait at least 12 weeks to ask about the subscription since it can take that long for a subscription to start. By then, the fraudulent sellers would have taken your money and it's too late to file with paypal. I suppose it was happening so frequently that ebay had to stop allowing for the sale of these subscriptions.
  8. Amazon just had a promotion, if you bought something over $25 in apparel(only sold by amazon) you would get lucky free for one year. You might check to see if they still have it going on.
  9. yes the amazon mag deals are deff worth it!

  10. I had the very same thing happen to me on 4 subscriptions...Elle & Vogue for BOTH my sister and I. From one seller, I had ordered these magazines for both she and I and wasn't able to file a claim with PP. Thank goodness, I only lost about $36!

    BTW...just found this offer for Lucky. I paid the same amount ($9.97)for my renewal.
  11. They have Elle magazine at this website for $5.95 for a full year subscription.
  12. I recently purchased my subscription of lucky for $6.99 on ebay, there are still some sellers who sell subscriptions. Instead of searching for "subscriptions" just type in the magazine you want. I've ordered about 20 mags off ebay in the past & never had a problem. It just takes about 2 months or so. Just pay for your item w/paypal through your credit card & if something happens then you should be protected through them.
  13. $19.94 total for Lucky and Allure on HSN! Thanks to pp for link above!