Any Current Hayden-Harnett Sales?

  1. Trying to find a good deal for a friend. Are there any coupon codes out there for the company's site? Alternatively, does anyone know where else HH's canvas totes are sold? Thanks!
  2. You guys are always the BEST! Thanks for the tips:yahoo:
  3. If your friend likes some of the sale deals on lunaboston, she can use the coupon code grechen for an additional 20% off the sale price.
  4. HH has a code for free ground shipping, in case anyone else is interested-

  5. does anyone know if you can use 2 codes for HH? on their website, it looks like you can only use one but i have a 15% off coupon and and the free shipping one from Kally67, and i would like to use that too but don't know if it's possible.
  6. I know BabyK. There is only one discount box so I couldn't use a free ship code. I think that coupon code I gave you says it can't be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
    I just checked it. Yes, only one coupon.