Any current discount code

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  1. Hey any one has the current discount code for ?? I'm so after a bag online but figure u girls can help me for abit .. ? :yes: TIA !!
  2. i'm not sure but i think i remember seeing that if you're a first time customer, you get 5% off :smile:
  3. That's true-there is a button right on the site for 1st time buyers. If you go through LuckyRewards you can also earn % back!:yes:

    Code Free shipping over $175

    Code for free shipping:Tip: Enter coupon or a gift certificate code F5825E at ensuring the code is entered exactly as shown above, including proper capitalization & sequence.

    Save $25.00 on $195+ Orders
    Enter this coupon code at checkout to save $25.00 on your order of $195 or more at
    Coupon Code: 49721D
  4. Thanks!! Now i can justify my purchase to my bf. He's not too happy about it.. Lols.
  5. Hey, is it like if we enter free shipping code, then we can't get the 25 off?? i can't seem to get them to work.
  6. You can only use one code-the $25 off would be better than free shipping as that's only $13.95. Let me know if it doesn't work.:smile: Did you also link to the first time buyer in the upper right hand corner to receive 5% off?
  7. Hey, i'm in Aust so my shipping comes to 21 dollars. And then today i checked they sent me a privileges club discount which is 19 plus. but once i used up that 21 dollars, the discount is gone. I was wondering like when u said that there's a 5% thing, i don't see it anywhere!! Lols. Now, i think the 25 is the most worth it one. And it doesnt seem to work. >.< Thanks a lot!! :yes: you've made my day!!
  8. I have one I'm not going to use: D9BF7B
  9. currently has a discount code forzieri which offers a discount of 25% plus postage
    here's the code: DF7458