Any CSI Fans In Here???

  1. Which one do you like? I like all of them! I love the black guy in the CSI:NY, I like Erick in CSI:Miami, and I like the black guy with the green eyes in CSI: Las Vegas...he's so hot!...hahahaha....what can I say, I'm a cute guys type of girl :lol:

    My b/f hated Horeicio(sp). He use to get so irritated with the way he talks.

    I like to watch all of them and when two different ones are playing in different channels I switch between commercials :roflmfao:
  2. I'm a total CSIaholic :nuts: I love all series and have them all on DVD. I have to agree with your boyfriend though, Horatio irritates the crap out of me :yucky: It's so bad that whenever that show is on my friends send me text message to tease me :lol:
  3. OHH yeah I love CSI, esp CSI NY!
  4. I loooove CSI!! Vegas is my fav with NY coming in 2nd.
  5. I love CSI: Las Vegas! I don't really like any of the spin offs...not really sure why :shrugs:
  6. Yep...Horatio IS annoying. I just don't get it but I guess they are trying to give him that eccentric spin all of the other boses have. Because Grissom from CSI is going deaf and is like this genious. I think only the boss from CSI:NY isn't eccentric :lol:

    Warrick Brown is So freaking cute! He can have his way with me any day. Shoot I'd commit a crime just to have him get ALL the evidence off of me :lol:
    Here are the guys I like which I mentioned about above. (I don't think this pic does erick any justice though)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Warrick Brown (CSI Las Vegas).JPG Erick Delko (CSI Miami).JPG Sheldon Hawkes (CSI NY).JPG
  7. i'm a huge fan of csi las vegas and miami. haven't really watched any ny episodes as much as the others. :P
  8. I love CSI Mami. Thats the only one i watch.
  9. JoJo, I'll be your partner in crime :ninja: if it means getting close to Warrick :lol:
  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CSI: Vegas.:heart: that's pretty much the only show I watch now. Thursday nights is our family's CSI night, the kids go to bed early, my husband and I watch TV and eat ice cream :P I could marry Gil Grissom...:yes:
  11. I love them all too!!
    I like the cop in CSI:NY, Don, but I liked him when he had shorter hair. I also really like Danny!!

    I think the thing that bothers me about Horatio is the way he always tilts his head when he talks ;op
  12. DH and I love the original CSI. I watch CSI Miami just because I like Miami. Caruso is not a very good actor, that or the character he plays is just not well written. His cheesy one-liners are almost funny, and he always wears the same clothes, and talks with his body turned sideways. :P
  13. The only CSI I have ever seen was the one in Las Vegas. I had to stop watching at about season 2 or 3 because I kept having nightmares! I'm a wimp.
  14. I loveeee CSI!

    My boyfriend and I practically spent the whole day watching it yesterday. CSI: LV is my favorite!
  15. The thing that bugs me the most about Horatio is his thing with the sunglasses and when he does his hipswing with his jacket, it just makes me go :throwup: