Any coupons for Lord and Taylor online?

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  1. Thanks!
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  3. By the way, if you sign up for email on the Lord and Taylor web site, they will email you coupons regularly! You don't have to have their credit card.
  4. shopshopshop, I think this coupon is for in store only. Have they emailed you any coupons for the L&T site? I just signed up for email but it gave me a message saying it'll take a week until I start getting coupons. TIA!
  5. Oops, you are right. I looked on their Customer Service page and it says "Coupons are only valid in-store, and cannot be applied toward purchases made online.". When I look for online coupons I usually use Google to find them - I googled "coupon lord and taylor" and a lot of online coupon sites come up but all the coupons that come up say "Not valid on Internet orders".
  6. shopshopshop, thanks soooo much for taking the time to try!!
  7. Hi,
    I have a a online coupon for 20% off. Enter: Dad
  8. Thanks so much, ashleekieu, but I don't see where I input that code -- is it after I give credit card info? Would be great if this worked!
  9. That's what I do! I signed up for the L&T emails about a couple months ago, so I always get sale/discount info right away- it's great! Unfortunately I don't have any online coupons now- but they're Best of Summer sale started yesterday, and they have some great deals in store if there's one by you.
  10. I usually google for coupons as well. But as I learned on E-Bay this week you can actually buy coupons, gift cards, and discount codes. So you might want to try there.