Any coupon code for

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  1. Dears,
    I am eager to take some good deals from . Does this site have coupon code?
    Your generous sharing will be highly appreciated.
  2. toutie should work for 20% but not on sale items.
  3. Thanks , ABACOHOPE vbmenu_register("postmenu_2453092", true);
  4. just used it on sale items, and it worked!

    thanks, i've never been to that site before, and they had a cynthia vincent shirt i liked at a boutique ages ago and have been kicking myself for not buying ever since. best of all, it was 75% off!
  5. does anyone know how much they charge for shipping?
  6. Hmm, they didn't send me an itemized total, but I paid $146, inc. shipping, for:

    -1 Vince skirt
    -1 Vince sleeveless peasant shirt
    -1 Vince long-sleeved poet shirt
    -1 Cynthia Vincent long striped tunic

    I think the shipping was reasonable.
  7. They charged me $6 for usps priority shipping. I bought 2 Vince tees (68 each). Then when I got my package there was only 1 tee!!! But I called them and got the 2nd tee in like 3 days.
  8. Got myself a Moni Moni Splendor bag for only $357 :yahoo: . Thanks to Finachen for the code!
  9. Thanks for sharing! I used toutie and got 20% off a pair of Juicy capris for only 25$!!! (shipping included)