Any Countries I Can"t Ship To?

  1. I haven't had a problem (yet), but can anyone tell me if there are countries that I wouldn't be able to ship a leather handbag to from the USA? Also, are there any countries that maybe I should be concerned about shipping to? I notice that some sellers on eBay won't ship to certain countries and always wonder why? :confused1:
  2. Check Italy
  3. Some sellers won't ship to certain countries because they've had nothing but trouble with fraudulent payments, or bait and switch, or even shipping/customs delays. Others will only ship to the US, UK and Canada because they are the only places Paypal covers under it's sellers protection.
  4. It probably sounds cliche, but I had trouble with a buyer from South Africa. Thankfully I never sent the items and he's been booted from eBay.
  5. I didn't realize that Paypal protection only covers those countries. So if I ship to a country other than those listed, am I taking a risk? Do I have ANY protections if I send to other countries? :confused1:
  6. I notice a lot of people will not ship to Germany and I am not sure why. Germany, Australia and France are the only places I have had winning buyers from so far when I allowed worldwide bids outside of UK, Canada and US. When I shipped to Germany using USPS I was only allowed to insure for up to $400...and I've noticed some other countries also have different dollar amount limits for insurance coverage by USPS...but you can always use another sipping service which gives full coverage.
  7. I'm currently outside the US, and I have NEVER had any problems having anything sent here. But I have heard of a lot of people having problems sending things (even letters!) to Africa.
    A friend of mine once had a penpal in Africa (I don't know what country). She told him (my friend) that she was picking up her mail at the local post office, because if any of the mailmen saw the letter was from the US they would open it to see if there was money inside.
    I have only had one bad experience with someone from Africa asked me to buy her gifts.
  8. I've wondered about that too.
  9. esp. in Nigeria... (you know those stupid emails we get stating they've inherited moneys blah blah..from some rich people and wanting to share the wealth with you... but it's a scam) not to be mean but.. a lot of scammers from that place... tsk tsk:cursing:
  10. Ya - good point - I would never ship to Nigeria (or buy from there !!!!)